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Olivia W. had never thought what she accomplished would be possible, but she worked extremely hard and, as a result, she officially graduated from high school while in rehab.  Here’s a heartwarming story of an Inspirations teen in rehab who graduates high school.

During her rehabilitation process, she took online courses and worked her way to complete all her requirements.

“Did you ever think that this would happen in treatment?” Denise Achée, the education program director of Inspirations For Youth and Families, asked Olivia.

“No,” she said.

“But you did it!” Achée responded. “Let’s give her a round of applause!”

According to Olivia, there was a time when she had lost all hope that this day could come.

“Studying and being in treatment at the same time is extremely challenging,” she said.

Inspirations Teen succeeds with encouragement

However, the outstanding support from the Inspirations staff and her peers encouraged her to reach this goal. At Inspirations For Youth and Families (IYF), the recovery of our teens is our major focus, but education is also a priority.

The day of her graduation, Olivia stood in cap and grown, and celebrated with her peers, as they cheered her on.

She moved her tassel from right to left and threw up her cap. She was ecstatic to have transitioned from grade school to adulthood.

Celebrations of high school graduations at IYF, mean so much for all the teens in our treatment program. It inspires many of our teens to focus on their own graduation.

Olivia’s accomplishments did not stop there. A few days later, she successfully completed the treatment and educational program at Inspirations.

As she confirmed with tears in her eyes, she feels accomplished and very proud of herself.

Olivia is now celebrating her achievements back home with her family.

We are very happy to have celebrated this special day with Olivia.

Inspirations teen in rehab graduates high school
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