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Zumba Teen Exercise Rehab Therapy

Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is not only known for its premier therapy programs, but also for its extracurricular activities which range from deep water fishing to paint-ball excursions. But did you know that IYF also has a dedicated Zumba Fitness therapy program headed by Natalia, who has been instructing Zumba since 2008.

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“It is important for the teens to get out of the treatment center everyday into the real world and participate in what we call recreational therapy,” said Karen Corcoran-Walsh, co-owner and founder of IYF Teen Rehab. “We take our teens to professional sports events, fishing excursions, and yes Zumba classes.”

Natalia loves to teach the teens to dance, have fun, and exercise and has been working with IYF for six years now. The teens escape and do not think about their problems while exercising and it is also a very healthy outlet for them. Some of the teens love the classes so much they have asked Natalia how they can become a certified instructor.

“Zumba not only helps the teens mind, but it also helps the body,”

Natalia Zumba Instructor

Natalia adds that teens who fail to exercise will deal with the consequences later on in life just like they deal with the consequences for their actions in other areas. The teens learn that you can get addicted to positive things like Zumba rather than drugs or alcohol.

“Some of the teens do not want to do Zumba the first two classes,” added Natalia. “But once they see others exercising they get motivated to participate in the classes.”

“Exercise is an important part of rehab,” said Corcoran-Walsh. “Now don’t worry, you will not be forced to exercise at IYF especially if you are not feeling your best or you just don’t feel like working out, you don’t have to. However, if you are committed to building a healthy future beyond just getting off drugs and alcohol, then exercising at rehab is vital.”

And for those who may not like Zumba, they may enjoy watching their fellow teens dancing to the beat and listen to great music.

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