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Inspirations Joint Commission Celebration!

Inspirations teen drug rehab employee appreciation

In light of Inspirations teen rehabs most recent approval from the Joint Commission, the owners decided to honor this crowning achievement. Inspirations gives thanks to those who made gold seal joint commission certification possible! A barbecue was held for all staff members of Inspirations for Youth and Families.

We are so thankful for all the staff members who played an indispensable role in attaining our Joint Commission accredidation

-Karen Corcoran-Walsh, co-owner of Inspirations teen rehab.

joint commission accredited inspirations

Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.

Employee Appreciation Barbecue

Inspirations for Youth and Families takes the time to honor the hard work and dedication of our staff with a very delicious barbecue! All the staff gathered together to celebrate helping teens in recovery. The Inspirations family of therapists, clinicians, behavioral technicians and more work together on a daily basis to ensure the teens admitted are receiving the best level of care. Similarly, by establishing individual treatment plans to each teen our staff creates a stable and healthy recovery environment. Furthermore, working together as a team to actively provide 24-hour care to our teens is a job we do not take lightly.

“I feel really grateful that I work in a company where my management takes the time to appreciate my work!”

-Abby, Inspirations behavioral technician

For this event, both the Inspirations teens and staff gathered together for a tasty buffet of burgers, ribs, wings, and other snacks. Everyone was delighted by the array of great tasting lunch and dessert! Throughout the day our teens kept giving staff members thanks for being there when they needed them the most. As a matter of fact, the staff got a great surprise from our teens who put on an excellent talent show to give thanks to all our staff.


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