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Karlee at our teen drug rehab

Here is Karlee holding one of her many graphs!

At Inspirations for Youth and Families, a teen drug rehab, one of our many goals besides helping teens to successfully recover from addiction is to foster their dreams and aspirations. Many teens come at a time in their life that is very crucial for their education and future. We believe your teen’s addiction should not put a dent in their future especially when they are working so hard towards a sober life.

Karlee was admitted to Inspirations and immediately we recognized her awesome potential! Since her admittance she has grown immensely and we are so proud of her progress! We have taught Karlee a lot about herself as she prepares to enter college within the year.

“This program taught me that I have to try for everything I want to achieve it doesn’t just get handed to me.” – Karlee L.

Her strides towards her education and overall well being are truly inspiring. Karlee also became a leader among her peers always encouraging and helping the other girls as well as staff. While at Inspirations Karlee’s recovery was not always so smooth but she has since then learned a lot about coping and how to handle troubling situations.

“Recovery is not the easiest path to go on but I should have told myself to not give up. Those times I wanted to give up and just go with whatever some people were doing and try to go back to my old ways.” – Karlee a former Inspirations teen

During her stay at Inspirations Karlee was very apprehensive about her future and how her drug abuse would effect it. Working through our education program she was able to catch up on school work and even found her very own unique coping method that she wants to become her career.

“While I’m here I learned that I’m really good with numbers never thought I’d be good at that. So I’ve learned that by doing statistics in my head when I have cravings and stuff like that it makes me forget I really wanna go find some cocaine. I’m actually preparing for the career I choose and going to a university studying Computer Science.”

Hear about Karlee’s amazing recovery at our teen drug rehab here:

Karlee: That started when I was thirteen years old and my brothers introduced me to K-2, made me smoke it with them. Then I switched schools and I went for the crowd that was always kinda smoke pot. I thought that was more of where I was, you know the stoners. So then they were smoking pot so I smoke pot with them then it just lead for me to find different crowds that were doing more drugs because that’s where I thought I was.

Jessica: So you’ve been clean for?

Karlee: Forty nine days.

Jessica: Forty-nine days that good! How do you feel about that looking into the future?

Karlee: I’m really excited and nervous at the same time because you know recovery isn’t easy and I’ve watched my family struggle with it. But I’m extremely positive about how I’m going to do this. I’m excited to get out there and actually live a sober life for once in three years, you know? I wanna experience everything I’ve just been day dreaming. So I’ excited to go out there and be able to remember what I do and have fun and really enjoy it.

Jessica: So what are your plans for all of that? For being able to enjoy this new sober life style.

Karlee: I’m actually preparing more with the career I choose. I’m going to be going to a university soon studying computer science and philosophy. I want to do more trips and maybe go a little into photography.

Jessica: So you’ve definitely gotten into some solid interests and hobbies even that you’re going to be picking up. Do you think they are going to be helping you and supporting your sobriety?

Karlee: Yeah, I learned while I’m here I learned that I’m really good with numbers never thought I’d be good at that. So I’ve learned that doing statistics in my head when I have cravings and stuff like that. Just kind of thinking really splitting the crowd apart. Like ¾ of girls here are seventeen or 67% percent of the girls here their drug of choice is weed. It’s just putting those numbers in my head makes me forget about like “Oh! I really wanna go find some cocaine or oh! I need to do that”, you know? Cause it’s just not what I need you know.

Jessica: So you found that using your new analytical perspective is something that’s gonna be helpful to you as a coping skill?

Karlee: Yeah. I could never keep a thought process long enough to do a math equation and now I can just do it on my own.

Jessica: What are some of the biggest things you’ve learned since you been here? Either about life in general or about you, as learning about yourself or just about the process? What are you taking away?

Karlee: I’ve learned that the life I chose with drugs isn’t who I’m gonna be forever. This was just the beginning. I learned that I’m a hell of a lot better person sober than I am high. I thought that you know I’m so much better high. This program taught me that I have to try for everything I want to achieve it doesn’t just get handed to me. I sure as hell worked my butt off to get where I am today and I’m so proud of myself for it.

Jessica: We’re proud of you too. We’ve seen a lot of hard work come from you. It’s really inspiring to see. What would you, if you could turn around and talk to yourself right before you first got here, what would you say?

Karlee: Well when I first got here I was really scared, it was either be in here for 45 days or god knows how long like 90 days and I’ve never been in a rehab. I thought I had a problem but I didn’t know if I was gonna get judged or what was gonna happen to me. I would have told myself that I should just try a little bit harder because I made a few mistakes while I was here. Recovery is not the easiest path to go on but I should have told myself you know to not give up. Those times you know I wanted to give up and just go with whatever some people were doing and try to go back to my old ways. But, I should have just reminded myself that you gotta get better.

Jessica: You said you were afraid you might be judged what do you mean by that?

Karlee: Well when I was going to school I was the only person outwardly using cocaine. It’s normal for people to smoke pot and you know take pills but for the people who take cocaine and do meth that’s really not okay. Like people really make fun of us so I thought when I go to rehab people would do that but, that’s the opposite place that happens. That’s the opposite thing that happens here. These people are so welcoming and really it’s the exact opposite of judgment.

Jessica: So I know that while you’ve been here going back a bit to the old stuff you’ve done a lot of looking at stats from the different girls that have been here, their ages, as well as each individual’s drug of choice might have been or what drugs they have tried or used at various points in the past. Kind of connecting that thought with this idea that its quote “normal” for somebody to be using marijuana or things like that but on the other end of the spectrum you have things that are harder drugs the meth and of that nature. You see a whole spectrum of people of here so what do you think about that?

Karlee: I really think it’s interesting because for the most part a lot of the girl’s drug of choice here is weed and I think that’s because it has become so acceptable. It’s somewhat legal for medicinal marijuana so a lot of people find it a little bit easier to go to. No one really figures out or think cocaine is really bad when our doing it but when you’ve never done it you just think that wow I would die but everyone knows you’d have you’d have to ingest a lot of cocaine in like ten seconds in order for you to die. It’s also a range of things but the girls here or some of the girls here with heroin and meth it seems like it just weed to them and there’s not as many girls.

Jessica: So when you’re looking at it and going through groups and stuff like that you see that somebody coming in that has this same type of issue. They have a issue with just “marijuana” it’s just pot but it can cause a lot of these really big issues even outside of the overdosing situation. It can cause some really big breakdowns and the ability to have an open area for people with addictions ranging from marijuana to heroin to cocaine to various pills and things of that nature. Coming back again it’s that lack of judgment but everyone is here because they are in at least a similar type of situation.

Karlee: Yeah I mean for the most part we all had a problem growing up and we tried to find something, a different way to go about it. We couldn’t find it in anything else so drugs was the easiest way for us to you know get out. That’s what I did. I did xanex to roofies just to forget whatever happened to me. When I didn’t wanna do xanex I was smoking weed it’s just a long train of weed’s not doing it for me anymore but heroin’s like weed so I’m gonna do that. Or I don’t like the downers so I’m gonna do cocaine so my schooling is better or meth because it’s cheaper than cocaine. It’s just we were rationalizing how we get away from our problems through drugs.

Jessica: So just wrapping up you got some really good plans and some big aspirations going to university, going into statistics and philosophy. Anything else that you wanted to say? I think that you got your 49 days and you got some really good plans.

Karlee: I guess I have to say that this is not forever and also that you may just be smoking pot right now but I was just smoking pot too and then I became so close to getting into meth before I came here. You really got to think about it in the big picture. Do you want help for something or are gonna keep hiding from it with drugs? I mean help for yourself don’t try to help yourself with drugs.

Jessica: Well thank you that was fantastic!

Karlee: Thank You!

See what else Karlee had to say about her Inspirations stay here!


Inspirations teen drug rehab helps another teen to realize her potential
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