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Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a premiere residential drug rehab with specialists geared to helping teens and their families struggling with substance abuse, mental and behavioral issues. As one of the nation’s leading teen treatment center our therapy program has taken full advantage of the 12 Steps that have become the standard in recovery. As experts in teen addiction IYF teen rehab has made it their goal to treat teen drug addiction through a variety of therapy options. This is one of the fundamental pieces that differentiates our residential treatment program from others and is the core belief of co-owner Karen Corcoran-Walsh.

“The standard methods (12 Steps) are great fundamentals for treating addiction but we have found that personalizing each patient’s treatment plan with alternative forms of therapy have aided in not only their addiction treatment but also the mental portion of our dual diagnosis program.” – Karen Corcoran-Walsh.

Using alternative therapies in addiction

Inspirations has been using alternative forms of therapy in the customization of each patient’s treatment plan. These other forms of therapy serve to help our clients to properly express themselves and allows our staff to easily understand the causes of addiction and analyze the changes or strides they are making to improve.

Art in Therapy

art therapy Creating art allows our teens to express what is uppermost in their minds. Art Therapy helps our primary therapists understand the teen’s perceptions and feelings about what has happened in the past – or what is happening in the present. Looking at the artwork and talking about what was created also helps out teens find a way to communicate what may be hard to say in words.

The purpose of our Art Therapy at Inspirations Youth is to help our teens express concepts that they may not be able to articulate. The drawing, painting, collage, or sculpture can then help bridge artistic expression into verbal expression.


Music Therapy

music therapy Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) uses music as a form of therapy to help teens suffering with drug and alcohol addiction to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. The skills acquired through music therapy are coping tools our clients can use when they need to express themselves. The use of music therapy in addiction has also proven to improve self confidence and group therapy interactions.

At Inspirations we encourage music to be used for meditation and relaxation. During meditation the correct type of music can help the mind to unwind and relax. We use music during both light and deep meditation to enhance the experience and overall meditation.

Introducing Color Therapy

Inspirations for Youth and Families plans to incorporate another alternative therapy called Color Therapy into our treatment program. Color therapy helps to identify the colors associated with our moods and emotions. Identifying colors are also a part of how we identify triggers that lead to relapse.

Colors play a vital part of our mood and is often reflection of how we are feeling. We are subconsciously drawn to certain colors when we are experiencing a specific type of emotion. Color therapy is a great way to learn and understand what colors are associated with each client and their moods.

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Inspirations takes the 12 steps into the next dimension!
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