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Stomp Out Bullying!
All week Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) has been educating its teens on what is bullying, how to identify it and how stop it. We are proud support on the stand against bullying and have taken the time to explain to our teens why they should end bullying. This was inspired by the organization Stomp Out Bullying, they are known for advocating the end of bullying with their weeklong campaign #stompoutbullying.

In honor of this week the Inspirations team has led lectures, groups and various activities for our teens to properly understand bullying and why we must do our part to end it. Among those activities out teens decided to out on a Stomp Out Bullying Talent Show.

Stomp Out Bullying Talent Show

This talent show was comprised of two skits created by our teens that reflect what is bullying and what we can do to change that. These bullying skits reflect our teens understanding of the anti-bullying message.

The Barefoot Astronaut

The Barefoot Astronaut has landed on a distant planet in the hopes to makes friends. However since his descent he has been unable to find any friends. Alas, he stumbles on some resident aliens who then shun him because he is unlike them. Along comes the dancing king who shares his advice on making friends with the barefoot astronaut. Together they confront the resident aliens and manage to become friends.

The Bullies of Christmas

As Christmas is over Donovan decides to wear his present, a brand new sunglasses to school. He then sees a group of his classmates and decides to show off his new glasses. The girls then ridicule Donovan because his glasses seemed cheap and because of his poor appearance. They even went as far as breaking his glasses.

Later that night, one of the teen girls was visited by her worst nightmare! This nightmare explained her that her and her friends were indeed bullying Donovan because he was different. She was also able to learn how hard and difficult life is for Donovan. This teen decides to change her ways and gets her friends to join in. They then see Donovan the next day and apologize for their actions, replace his glasses and they all decided to wear glasses similar to Donovan’s.

Inspirations Stomp Out Bullying Talent Show
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