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Broward Recovery Month

What is Broward Recovery Month?

Due to the addiction crisis we have responded to the inherent need. As a result, we bring you Broward Recovery Month (BRM) a part of National Recovery Month. In addition, the Substance Abuse Mental Health (SAMHSA) sponsors the event. Also, this organization is dedicated to emphasizing the hard work for those in recovery. Ultimately, the goal of BRM is to highlight the significance of helping people. And these people are in need of prevention, treatment and recovery support. Furthermore, this event is geared to raising public awareness about the local recovery community. And provide knowledge of prevention to attendees. In addition, local business will support Broward Recovery Month. Because these organizations recognize the value of helping people in recovery.

“Consequently, I’m glad Inspirations for Youth and Families has the opportunity to give back to the South Florida community.”

-Karen Corcoran-Walsh, co-founder of Inspirations for Youth and Families and the Cove Center for Recovery.

Inspirations encourages everyone to join the family-friendly community event! BRM will be on September 24,2016 at the War Memorial Auditorium from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  And the address is 800 NE 8th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

What is Inspirations doing to contribute?


Did you know that  Inspirations has  been providing Broward Recovery Month with digital marketing and social media volunteer help.  See our contributions to BRM by visiting their website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page to show your support!


Inspirations for Youth and Families has recently applied to become a sponsor for the Broward Recovery Month Foundation. As a sponsor we will be helping to make this event a reality. To become a sponsor you can donate on their web site.

Inspirations plays leading role in Broward Recovery Month
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