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Inspirations for Youth and Families annouces Substance Abuse Mental Health Outreach Program for famed Punk-Rock Van Warped Tour ’17.

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Inspirations for Youth and Family teen rehab has announced that they will be embedded with the 2017 Vans Warped Tour a traveling rock festival. Van Warped is the largest and longest running traveling music festival in North America. In addition, Inspirations role on the tour is to provide substance abuse and mental health community outreach.

What specifically is Inspirations’ role on the Vans Warped Tour?

Inspirations has a team of outreach specialists and video bloggers who are traveling every leg of the tour. The marathon 50 band tour goes on for two-months spanning 31 cities. Inspirations will be working closely with MusiCares, a resource group providing a wide range of services for the musicians. And MusiCares also focuses on substance abuse and mental health treatment. This is an area where Inspirations will team up with MuisCares to help those in need of recovery.

Inspirations Jordan Meyers

Jordan Meyers is heading Inspirations outreach for the Vans Warped Tour

Inspirations and “Finding a Lost Voice” Organization

The nationally renowned teen rehab has sponsored “Finding a Lost Voice,” – a non-profit organization. “Finding a Lost Voice’s,” goal is to reach out to youth suffering from addiction, mental illness, or both.

Inspirations has aligned with “Finding a Lost Voice, “an organization who believes that everyone deserves to have their voice heard. The teen rehab is working with Jordan Meyers of “Finding a Lost Voice.” Meyers is traveling to every concert. He is also talking with people about their substance abuse and mental health issues.

Meyer’s has begun to video tape his encounters and share them through Inspirations’s social media universe in an attempt to help others find their voice. So if you are not fortunate enough to travel on the tour you can relive the experiences with Inspirations’ live social media coverage.

By talking to the people on the tour in need of both drug addiction and mental behavioral treatment, Inspirations will not only be providing an outlet for the concert goers. But, they will be giving advice to the musicians and laborers as well.

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Inspirations launches Music Tour Outreach Program
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