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Inspirations Drama Therapy

drama therapy
Inspirations Arts is a program that has been in development for the last year. What stared as an experiment in art therapy lead to a new program. A program with the intention of fostering a vibrant community of young, motivated creators.

“It can be challenging to get teenagers with drastically different backgrounds and skill sets to work together toward a common goal,” said Donovan Ortega, Inspirations Creative Coordinator. “After we finished our first short film—an adaptation of Macbeth—I began to see the strong possibilities for this kind of intensive, project based learning. The projects could become more ambitious and varied, each student fulfilling an appropriate role geared toward their aptitudes.”

Why Drama Therapy works

When students are given tasks that match their skill set, I find our projects move forward in dynamic ways. We needed set designers, voice over specialists, actors, camera operators, writers, and editors. Specialization also allowed the projects to become grander in scope. In the last year we have completed Shakespearean adaptations (Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet). Along with several original short films written and performed entirely by students. We have completed several stop motion animation projects based on Ray Bradbury’s short stories (“There Will Come Soft Rains,” “The Locusts,” “ Rocket Summer”).

We’ve even ventured into claymation with a series of films based loosely on Aesop’s Fables that we called, Humans and Animals: Stories with a Moral? Lately we’ve been working with paper mache to create masks and volcanoes, art projects that have also served as short mockumentary films. All of our projects took weeks to complete and mirrored the creative process that all artists employ: conception, planning, and execution.

There is a lot of emphasis placed on the creation of the final product. It is here that we can look at what we are capable of when we work diligently toward an end goal.

-Donovan Ortega, Drama Therapy and English instructor at Inspirations.

Our current venture is to recreate Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The students were practicing the intricate dance moves just yesterday. Today we’ll start designing the set.

Inspirations Arts drama therapy

One of our teens Derek creating the characters for our newest stop-motion series.

Inspirations Arts Youtube Channel

The Inspirations Arts Youtube Channel was launched with the intention of sharing our unique experience with a wider audience. Perhaps serving as an encouragement to other teachers and students who have a desire to create. I hope you enjoy the work of our teens and recognize the spirit with which it is produced.

Inspirations Launches a Drama Therapy Youtube Channel
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