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Inspirations IOP nutrition course creates Egg in a Hashbrown!

Inspirations iop nutrition course

Kallie enjoying the Inspirations twist on hash browns.

Inspirations IOP nutrition course creates a new spin on breakfast


Cool and interesting ways people have remade hash browns.

Hash browns are a timeless breakfast staple that is very nutritious and quite easy to make. As of late hash browns have resurfaced among food trends as many have been recreating the old favorite in new and exciting ways. From hash brown casseroles, hash brown waffles, even hash brown cups! The hash brown trend has taken over and Inspirations challenged our teens to take part in this revolutionary cooking.

During this Inspirations teen nutrition course our teen clients came together and combined two breakfast options into one! Many reinvented recipes feature hash browns replacing another dish such as hash browns as waffles, or hash browns as a casserole. Instead, our teens kept the traditional breakfast feel of a hash brown and decided to pair it with another morning favorite eggs!

Check out how to make our Egg in a hash brown:


  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Non-stick spray


Step 1: Peel skin from potato
Step 2: Chop potato’s into fine and thin pieces
Step 3: Spray pan with non-stick formula
Step 4: Spread chopped potatoes in pan in a small circle
Step 5: Pour egg into the center of hash brown
Step 6: Let fry until cooked and flip over
Step 7: Add salt and pepper as needed

Tip: This can also be done with frozen hash browns. Just be sure to defrost them first before you put them in the pan!

Here are some of our teens making our egg hash browns:

[FAGP id=16751]

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Inspirations IOP nutrition course takes a new spin on hash browns
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