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Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a teen drug rehab that helps drug addicted teens to live a newly sober and educated life. Our drug addiction program also works in tandem with the families of our teens clients to provide a positive and healthy drug free environment at home.

The Inspirations’ youth rehab program is founded on providing our teens with the skills and information needed to live a healthy and sober life. With an array of therapies to choose from we help many teens like Nick to overcome their battle with drug addiction.

Nick is one of our many teen clients whom while staying at Inspirations discovered something about himself he has lost in his drug abuse.

“I’ve learned to appreciate a lot of things even just simple stuff” – Nick

Through our sober fun program we ensure teens experience having fun and gaining experiences without being under the influence.

“I’ve learned that I can have fun without drugs and chill.”

Among other things Nick really enjoyed his IYF experience as a whole. From his therapist down to the friends he made.

“Jason’s a good therapist. Yeah I feel like I connected with him more.I like the staff a lot of them are cool and I for sure made a lot of good friends here.” – Nick

Check out Nick’s entire testimonial here:

Denise: Well this is a happy day for you! You look happy and like you’re ready to go?

Nick: I am!

Denise: You are right? You got your bags outside ready to go. How long have you been here?

Nick: Seventy two days.

Denise: Seventy two days, good job! What brought you to Inspirations?

Nick: I was doing a lot Xanex, prescription drugs and drinking. Just skipping school and selling drugs and what not.

Denise: Did you come here willingly?

Nick: I wasn’t here by choice but I didn’t have much of a choice. The cops escorted me in with Dr.Hughes and then I was just like alright I’ll go.

Denise: So you realized you needed help?

Nick: If I didn’t come here I’d be here in jail properly.

Denise: What has changed since you’ve been here?

Nick: I guess I’ve learned to appreciate a lot of things from not having that much freedom and who. It makes you miss out on stuff, just simple stuff.

Denise: Simple stuff?

Nick: Yeah just like I miss my dogs.

Denise: You miss your dogs (Laughing). So how was your relationship with your family before you came here?

Nick: Bad.

Denise: So bad. Really bad?

Nick: Yeah.

Denise: How is it now?

Nick: It’s probably going to be better because my parents have probably learned to miss me as well.

Denise: So you think they are probably happy that you got help?

Nick: Yeah. Even my dad told me I looked gross before I came here (laughs)

Denise: How do you feel with what you look like now?

Nick: Handsome.

Denise: Handsome right? Much better! What kind of new things did you learn at Inspirations?

Nick: I don’t know. I’ve always been the same but I guess I’ve learned that I can have fun without drugs and chill.

Denise: You did a lot of performances here. How was that?

Nick: Yeah, good. I guess I have good acting.

Denise: So you found out you’re a good actor?

Nick: Yeah, people find me funny.

Denise: You have a great face. You really do.

Nick: Thank you

Denise: How did you like your therapist? What did you get out of it? Or have you had therapy before ever?

Nick: Yes I’ve had therapy before, there was no past and never really cared about them. Jason’s a good therapist. Yeah I feel like I connected with him more.

Denise: How do you feel about going home? Is it scary?

Nick: No I’m just happy.

Denise: You’re just happy? What’s your plan?

Nick: Get a job, go back to school and that’s it,

Denise: What about anything after that? Anything else you need to do?

Nick: Go to meetings at NA.

Denise: And we know you are very entertaining so you’d make a big impact at meetings right?

Nick: Yeah.

Denise: Cause you’re funny, you’ve got a sense of humor and you present well.

Denise: Perhaps that would be a good idea. Right? You want to keep up with meetings for you sobriety moving forward. Anything to say to someone struggling from Xanex addiction?

Nick: If you’re addicted to pills especially Xanies it would probably a good idea to come to the hospital because withdrawals are bad. You’ll have a seizure it’s pretty scary and you’ll remember it too.

Denise: Did that ever happen to you?

Nick: I never had a seizure but I was close.

Denise: Close to having one. So it’s very dangerous?

Nick: Yeah. Mhmm.

Denise: So not something you should play around with?

Nick: No.

Denise: What took you to the extent of your abuse of drugs?

Nick: I don’t know. I just started popping Xanex again and then I want to do it again and again. When I’m on it I just want to get more messed up and do more.

Denise: So you definitely had a problem with addiction huh?

Nick: Yeah.

Denise: Do you think you’ve gotten some tools and skills to help you when you go out of here? It’s one thing when you’re in here and one thing when you’re out there?

Nick: Yeah, I just feel I could get through anything.

Denise: You feel that awesome. Are you excited to your family?

Nick: Yeah. I get to see my friend on the 21st.

Denise: Oh good! Where are you going back to?

Nick: South Carolina.

Denise: South Carolina!

Nick: Yeah but some of my North Carolina friends are visiting me.

Denise: Did you make some good friends here?

Nick: For sure.

Denise: What about the staff?

Nick: I like the staff a lot of them are cool.

Denise: So you had a good rapport with the staff. Did you get a chance to do things you’ve never done before?

Nick: Paintball.

Denise: How’d you like that?

Nick: That was fun.

Denise: That was fun alright. Anything else different that you could think of?

Nick: Performing in things and stuff like that.

Denise: Performing and film! And Wow! Did we get a star?

Nick: Yeah. It was pretty funny.

Denise: Well Nick thank you for participation. Thank you for hanging in there. Do you think if you left earlier than 70 days it would have been different? Or do you think you learned something in the third month?

Nick: Yeah, I just learned to ignore people and keep calm and not want to beat someone up.
Denise: So you did gain some tools?

Nick: I gained some weight too (laughs)

Denise: You gained some weight well you were pretty thin when you came here so let’s say that’s a good thing. You look really healthy now you got color. You look happy, you got your hat on, your bags are packed and you’re ready to go.

Nick: Yeah.

Denise: Well keep in touch with us and we want to see how our doing in school as well and how you’re doing with your recovery and how things are going back at home.

Nick: Me and Chad are going to end up road trip and visit.

Denise: Whoa! We’d love that! You guys could do a comedy act together.

Nick: Yeah (laughs)

Denise: Alright well thank you again. We’re going to miss you!

Nick: I’ll miss you guys too.

Denise: Have a safe trip.

Nick: Thanks.

Inspirations give teens the tools to fight drug addiction
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