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The Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) summer nutrition program has been a great success for the teens at our addiction treatment center. Think about it, what better way to detox your body than by drinking natural fruits and vegetables and that is exactly what IYF have been doing all summer – juicing fruit and vegetables. It has been a first for many to try unusual combinations of fruit and vegetables in their natural state. Each fruit and vegetable’s nutritional health benefits are discussed as a part of our highly touted teen education program.

“We believe learning is doing at IYF teen educational academy and our clients stand the best chance of becoming knowledgeable about nutrition if they are having fun,” said Denise Achee, director of education at Inspirations for Youth and Families.

IYF has been resourceful as all the fruit that we buy for our teens that have not been eaten during the week is collected and used for smoothie days, to encourage a healthy option and less food waste.The clients have been creating a juicing and smoothie recipe book. Nutritional discussions have included the health benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet compared to non-vegetarian, and methods to improve their diet by including more fruit and vegetables in ways that make spinach taste delicious.

The idea for the summer nutritional program started in recognition of National Nutrition Month, where our students learned about the healthy merits of juicing. As a part of Inspiration’s renowned educational program, the academic activity challenged teens to create healthy juices for themselves, fellow clients and staff.

The teens started their juicing by first washing and preparing the fruits necessary to produce the beverage. They then began juicing the fruits with the juicer. What our teens served up were Apple, Celery and Carrot Juice, as well as their very own concocted “Jazz it up Juice.”

Why the summer nutritional program is important

This kind of activity helps to reinforce what our teens have been taught on nutrition and fosters teamwork with their fellow classmates. Teens are also taught real-life skills by learning how to prepare fresh and healthy meals or snacks for themselves. The juice is believed by its producers to add some pep in your step. After fruition the tasters of the juice gave the teens rave reviews.

Inspirations for Youth Summer Nutrition Program healthy fun
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