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Planes, three connecting flights, drives through mountainous terrain were all part of this drug intervention

Inspirations for Youth and Families interventionist – Dr. James Hughes – has taken part in his fair share of teen and adult drug addiction interventions – through his storied career. However, his last one was a marathon to say the least.

Here are some of the details about his mammoth cross country trip

  • Dr. Hughes left Fort Lauderdale Airport and then flew to Dallas, connected to Denver and Salt Lake City, before finally reaching his final airport destination in Boise, Idaho
  • Once he landed in Boise, the trip was no where near over. He then had to drive through mountainous, snow laden terrain to reach a farm – where the drug intervention would take place
  • Dr. Hughes had to arrive at the house at 3:30 a.m. to allow him enough time to perform the 4 a.m. intervention
  • The total mileage between Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Twin Falls, Idaho amounted to a staggering 2,784 miles
  • After securing the teen to join him back to Inspirations for Youth and Families, Dr. Hughes would have to repeat the same travel itinerary

As a seasoned drug interventionist Dr. Hughes follows certain protocol when embarking on a drug intervention:

  • He holds drug interventions at 4 a.m. when possible in order to maintain an element of surprise for the teen and reduce the risk
  • Dr. Hughes consults with the parents and advises them to have a travel bag packed for the teen before he arrives in order to leave quickly after the drug intervention
  • When the teen departs his or her home, they go without shoes in order to discourage and/or stop the teen from attempting to run away
  • The backdoor of Dr. Hughes car has child locks to prevent the teen from trying to open the door and dangerously escape while the vehicle is in motion
  • Throughout the trip back to Inspirations for Youth and Families, the teen is well fed and generally sleeps soundly on the plane
  • The teen is provided with a portable music device with head phones to allow him or her to listen to music and keep them occupied
  • Once Dr. Hughes arrives at Inspirations teen rehab he has the nursing staff ready to evaluate the teen’s physical condition. In this case, they arrived at 10 p.m. so the nurse had to adjust his schedule

In the end – like most of Dr. Hughes’ drug interventions – he was successful in safely securing the teen to the addiction treatment center, where he can begin the process of of recovering from his drug addiction.

Check out some of the photos from the drug intervention

Inspirations for Youth flies 35 Hours for Drug Intervention
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