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Inspirations for Youth and Families visit Tiger Tail
Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) decided to combine our recreational therapy session along with our sober fun outings. By linking these two programs together the teens at Inspirations were able to have fun and work on some of their communication skills therapeutically.

The course at Tiger Tail Lake recreational center combines physical and mental strength together into fun and exciting activities proven to improve teamwork and the individual self. With the holidays getting closer this was a great way to boost the relationship among our teen clients.

Tiger Tail Lake Recreational Center

Tiger Tail Lake recreational center offers a wide array of activities stemming from “low” and “high” elements. The low elements focus on teambuilding where the group must work together to accomplish a set goal. High elements are exciting and challenging exercises to push each individual.

Watch them here:

Our IYF teens participated in both low and high elements:

Speed ball

The purpose of speed ball is for the groups to work together as a team to beat the time limit placed by the park guide. They had to keep the order that the ball was thrown and complete the action of passing the ball around before the timer went off. Even as the time shrank from 18 seconds down to 3 seconds our teens were able to successfully clear the challenge by working as a team.

Trading Places

For this game the purpose was for each team to get from one end of the log or course without any of the group members falling off. Although it was hard the teens worked together and created a system for each member to use while passing each other. Again our teens were amazed at how creative their solutions were to solve these activities.


The maze activity was a break from the usual teambuilding exercise. Our teens were blind folded and led into a maze with no exit. The teens were told their objective was to find the exit but if they felt lost or confused they could always ask for help.

After circling the maze quite a few times some of our teens eventually asked for help. At this stage the park guide would remove their blindfolds and lead them out. This exercise was to reinforce to the teens that no matter how hard or confusing something may be it is okay to ask for help.

Whale Watching

This activity brought teamwork back to life by challenging our teens to keep a platform balanced at all times until all members were able to climb aboard. The IYF teens tried a variety of ways to distribute the weight evenly and the boys got really creative and created an out of the box method which the park guides have never seen before.


While the low elements activities were fun the highlight of this outing was being able to climb the various elements that were 40 feet off the ground! Our teens were excited to try these climbing exercises and even provided moral support for those who were apprehensive about climbing.

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