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At Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) the family plays a very vital role in a teen’s recovery. Many of our teens arrive at Inspirations unable to communicate effectively with their family. By involving the family in the recovery process we help to resolve problems or issues that cause misbehavior and drug abuse.

Evan a teen who is leaving treatment today gives thanks to Inspirations for helping him repair his family relationship. With our family therapy sessions he has learned how to effectively communicate with his family and has even established a better relationship with his father.

“I feel a lot more open minded to things like I listen more to what people have to say. I wasn’t really talking to my father before and now you know we’ve been talking a lot more.”

See what Evan had to say about his IYF teen rehab experience below.


Denise: Hello, so today is your last day?

Evan: Yeah it is (laughs).

Denise: So what brought you to Inspirations? Did you know you were coming into Inspirations when you came?

Evan: No, not at all. My parents told me that my dad’s mom had something wrong with her heart so we drove down here from Orlando. They told me my grandma was in trouble or something and I ended up here.

Denise: Okay so how did that feel?

Evan: It sucked you know. I was pretty pissed at my parents like I didn’t want to talk to them or have anything to do with them especially the first week or two here.

Denise: Did you feel there was a reason for you coming here?

Evan: Yeah definitely because I was smoking and stuff like that. I had behavior issues and mainly it was because my family and I weren’t communicating as we used to. So my parents were just fed up with it.

Denise: How do you feel like now that you’ve been here how long?

Evan: Today is my 38th day.

Denise: Of course in the beginning you were resistant and after being here how do you feel?

Evan: I feel a lot more open minded to things like I listen more to what people have to say. At first when I came here I didn’t want to participate in any of the things and that’s how everyone is when they first get here but, once you start participating you realize you know that time flies. Eventually you don’t know how many days you’ve been here, you really get a lot out of the program.

Denise: So you feel like you’ve gotten a lot out of the program? You feel like you’ve learned some stuff about you?

Evan: Yeah.

Denise: Your family dynamic is that better now?

Evan: Uh, yeah it’s definitely a lot better. I wasn’t really talking to my father before and now you know we’ve been talking a lot more. They seem really happy now and happier than they were before now that me and my sister are coming home.

Denise: That’s right! Your sister is here as well. Now what would you say to someone making the decision to go into treatment?

Evan: Going into treatment? Like they made the choice to come here?

Denise: Um no let’s say this is the same situation and they are making the decision to send their child into treatment but the child doesn’t want to.

Evan: I would just tell them you get out what you put in. Just don’t count the days while you’re here, try to be involved in the program don’t just put it over. Listen to what everyone has to say and have faith in your therapist. Time will fly.

Denise: What is the biggest thing you learned here?

Evan: I’ve learned that I can be a lot more open minded than I used to be. I used to be very close minded. I didn’t care what my family was doing I just wanted to hang out with my friends. Since going to all these meetings and stuff like that and listening to people’s stories I know that even though I was sent here for smoking some marijuana I understand bad things can happen to me and I am not invincible.

Denise: One of the most important things you got from this was you are able to communicate with your family better?

Evan: Oh yeah definitely.

Denise: Moving forward what’s your plan like when you leave?

Evan: Definitely to see my girlfriend. I can’t wait to see her. But go back to school and do what I need to so I can finish since I’m a senior and move on to college.

Denise: How are you going to face the old friends, people, places and things?

Evan: I mean stay away from them as much as possible but if you can’t just know your limits. Just know what you can and cannot do. If someone wants you to smoke with them you tell them you can’t. If your friends cans respect your decisions then they are truly your friends. If they can’t and they don’t want to listen to you then you know who not to trust.

Denise: You are feeling good sober?

Evan: Yeah definitely.

Denise: So was there any activity or anything new that you learned?

Evan: I learned a lot of team building skills. Meeting everyone at first you don’t want to get along but as the program progresses and you’re here for a certain amount of days you become as a family and you start looking out for each other. At the end of the day you realize everyone might not be here for the same specific situation you are but we are all going through something similar.

Denise: Did you get to meet some people you would probably never have a friendship with if you were outside of here?

Evan: Yeah like little Gavin. He’s like a little brother to me now.

Denise: So you’ve made some friends and settled in. How was the living situation?

Evan: It was pretty good. I didn’t really like at first the showers not the actual showers themselves but people take showers for too long. I hate that.

Denise: Is this your first time you’ve living and sharing with other guys in an apartment?

Evan: Yes.

Denise: That was interesting right?

Evan: Yes. We had to make your own food well not really but you had to clean up after yourself. You had to make sure the dishes were clean, make your own bed and little stuff like that, you had your own responsibilities. As you’re here for longer you get to gain those responsibilities and I think it really helps a lot.

Denise: Well thank you so much for sharing. We appreciate that and wish you the best of luck outside of here. Okay thank you so much.

Evan: No problem.

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