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Teen weightl ifting

Inspirations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center prides itself in its robust recreational therapy program

As an extension to our already extensive recreational therapy program, Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) teen drug and alcohol rehab has stepped it up a notch by now offering weekly gym training therapy. The IYF teens visit American Top Team Fort Lauderdale gym several times a week and endure rigorous work-outs that according to one teen really takes away the edge he understandably has by going through the day-to-day trials and tribulations of a dual diagnosis, drug and alcohol rehab.

Please watch the YouTube video below to see their gym therapy program

According to Jennifer Smith from American Top Team Fort Lauderdale, who is training the IYF boys: “You know working out makes you feel good and they are having a great time and I am sharing their enjoyment.” Smith added that the teens are “perfectly great and they push themselves real hard.”

American Top Team is just around the corner from IYF so the teens can practically walk to the gym, but don’t worry parents – they take ground transportation. The gym is state-of-the-art and has all the weights and platforms that a teen can expect, especially since they are at a drug and alcohol rehab and don’t expect to have these luxuries before coming to IYF.

“It is really good to see them pushing for more and trying their best at something.”

Jennifer Smith, trainer at American Top Team Fort Lauderdale Gym

The teens have been extremely excited to go to the gym while staying at a teen drug and alcohol rehab.

“I didn’t know we were going to the gym when I found out I was going to Inspirations,” said Cade. “And I didn’t think the gym would allow me to have my very own personal trainer. So it was a pleasant surprise to say the least.”

“I think it is great that we get to leave the facility for a few hours and come out here. It definitely gives us time to relieve our frustration and just work out.” said Marco, another IYF teen.

In summary, Smith says it is really good to see the teens pushing for more and really trying their best at something and I am sure they are leaving here feeling great.

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