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Fruit music
In addiction treatment there are many forms of alternative therapies that have been proven to help clients. Drama therapy is one of our newly introduced alternative forms of therapy we now offer to our teens. These alternative forms of therapy help us to gain proper incite on the mental health of our clients.

Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is the use of theater techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote mental health. This is also known as expressive or creative therapy. Although this method may seem unconventional it has shown great results in helping our teens to overcome their mental and behavioral issues. The IYF Drama Therapy program helps our teens to express themselves in a healthy and productive manner.

Our teens learn theater techniques and forms of expression to properly communicate their feelings. Teens have also shown to be more relaxed, engaged and expressive during our sessions. Drama therapy often allows our clients to become comfortable with themselves and portraying various characters in front of an audience.

Inspiring our teens

Here at IYF we support the well being and dreams of our clients in the hopes that this type of communication will foster their own personal need to continue living sober. Our teenage boys were feeling restless so we prompted them to create any video of their choice. After much deliberation they settled on a quirky and comedic twist to an otherwise mundane task.

We decided why let it end there and executed their script/ skit into a video production project. Our teens were able to film, act and take part in the editing of their video skit “Fruit Music” which they debuted at our Stomp Out Bullying Talent Show.

Fruit Music

The new and hottest way to listen to music is here! This revolutionary invention is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing music systems in the world. Check out why everyone is craving Fruit Music.

The Creators of Fruit Music

In this short we sit and talk with the inventors of Fruit Music. Together they share about their newly acquired fame, riches and lifestyle. The geniuses behind this iconic invention also share what inspired them to create Fruit Music and what else they have in store for us.

Inspirations drama therapy creates spoof on fruit and music
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