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Ed Cejak, CEO of Inspirations (left) on set next to Karen Corcoran Walsh (right)

As CEO of Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) and the Cove Center for Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, I had an exhilarating time traveling to Detroit to see my company’s filmed for Ask Dr. Nandi, a national afternoon health show. My boss and owner of IYF and the Cove Center, Karen Corcoran-Walsh was the featured guest on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show along with two of our clients in recovery – one a teen and the other a young adult.

I would like to add that this was Karen’s second time on the popular program – that can be seen all over the United States – so it is obvious they admire her insight and strong media presence.

Aside from the national publicity our two drug rehabs (that also treat dual diagnosis clients) received from the exposure of being on a program which is also aired in 80 countries, I was overjoyed at seeing our clients experience a once in a life-time opportunity as guests on a popular television day-time health lifestyle show. I must say both our teen and adult didn’t disappoint the crowd as they were both highly composed and offered commentary that is sure to connect with parents all across the world for that matter.

As a bonus, our clients – a teen from IYF and a young adult from the Cove – were also treated to a sober fun three days in the Motor City staying at luxurious hotels, seeing a beautiful city, going to great restaurants, and even taking in a Detroit Tigers baseball game.

Perhaps, the most rewarding part of the trip was seeing our clients having the time of their life and learning to have fun without drugs. Introducing our teens and adults to the outside world while in treatment on a daily basis is what separates us from other rehabs. Our clients frequently go on day trips to the beach, yoga, paint ball, fishing excursions, production studios, or the gym to work out.

The trip to Detroit is just a natural extension of what we do every day. We are not a treatment center with large fences surrounding the facility where the clients never leave until discharge. We are a place where both teens an adults receive highly individualized treatment and as a bonus use their new found skills by going on trips like this one on a everyday basis.

As Geico’s commercial says: “That’s what we do.”

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