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Inspirations former teen in recovery shares how our cocaine addiction treatment program helped him get his life back.

Meet Raymond!

Inspirations for Youth and Families has helped many teen addicts and their families to overcome addiction and live a more positive and healthy lifestyle. Raymond is one of the many teens we help to get back on track and enjoy a sober lifestyle.

“Having fun sober is way better than having fun high!”

-Raymond, a former Inspirations teen

Like many before him, Raymond entered Inspirations for help with a disease that was taking control over his life and his future. In the year since Raymond began abusing cocaine, he went from an average student with B’s and C’s to not attending school at all.

“It was really bad then I just stopped going all around cause I didn’t want to deal with it.”

-Raymond, on how cocaine abuse affected his education.

Getting help for teen cocaine addiction

Sending your teen away to get help is not an easy task. It takes an immense amount off courage and is something Raymond is thankful his parents made the choice to do. He was unable to see the effect drugs had on his life until his parents decided it was time to seek treatment.

It was the first time I’ve seen my parents cry when they were sending me away said, Raymond. However, this tough decision was needed as his life was spiraling out of control.

“I was using pretty much every day. I was sent here for using and selling cocaine. Then my life turned downhill. I wasn’t really talking to my parents and I was basically living at my friends’ house.”

You can also listen for more on Raymond’s experience of being a former teen addict receiving treatment at Inspirations for Youth and Families.

raymond woods cocaine addiction treatment

Raymond receiving his academic award.

The best part of Inspirations teen treatment

During his stay, Raymond has thoroughly enjoyed all our program has had to offer. His favorite parts of treatment were our sober fun activities headed by recreational director Jesse.

Jesse kept it live and we never had a boring day when he was around. We played baseball, went to the beach, played beach volleyball, basketball and all that, says Raymond.

Inspirations Educational Program also played a vital role in Raymond’s recovery. Together with his local school, we were able to create a lesson plan designed to help him get back on track! Raymond’s education began to suffer immensely from his drug abuse. With the help of our qualified staff, Raymond is now ready to finish his senior year strong and sober.

Another favorite of Raymond was being able to experience therapy. He quickly adapted to the idea of reaching out to someone for help when he needed it. Inspirations family therapy sessions also helped Raymond to connect with his family and effectively communicate his thoughts and emotions. Along with his individual therapy sessions, Raymond is now able to express his innermost thoughts in a respectful and positive manner.

“Therapy was pretty cool, we actually got to talk because I had a lot of stuff on my chest I was keeping in cause I didn’t want to tell my parents. I got it all out which is pretty good.”

Raymond is one of the many teens we have helped to gain control of their life from addiction. To read more testimonials like Raymond’s check out our teen testimonials page.

Inspirations Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program gets teen back on Track
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