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Inspirations teen rehab honors education with National School Choice Week

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IYF teen rehab celebrates the choice of education with National School Choice Weeknational school choice week

The National School Choice Week (NSCW) is held every January to raise awareness for the various types of educations options that are available for children today. Choices in education include public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, online learning, private schools and even homeschooling. Without these options, Inspirations wouldn’t be able to help our teens get back on track or the help ensure a less stressful transition into recovery at home.

Through our educational program Inspirations is able to give many teens options for a better life they thought were lost. Many teens join our program and are able to successfully work on their addiction and also grow through the educational program. They are truly grateful that they too have a choice for education.

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 National School Choice Week at Inspirations

This National School Choice Week we decided to have our teens share why they were grateful for the choices of education they have. Whether it be public, private, online or homeschool our teens share why education is so important to them.

“We all learn in different ways and everyone deserves the chance to learn the best way the can.”

“I am going to be moving soon and I am glad to be enrolled online because I can catch up and stay on track with my education while I am moving.”


“It is important to have different options for education because some people for example, cannot focus in a bigger classroom. For those who suffer from that, they have options to learn alone or with a smaller class size.”

Inspirations for Youth and Families Educational Program

We understand the far-reaching effects of substance abuse and how it can derail even the most studious of teens. Unlike other teen treatment centers Inspirations not only focuses on helping teens recover. IYF also places a great deal of importance on helping teens get back on track with their education.

As a leader in teen addiction treatment Inspirations works together with the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) as well as the teen clients’ school back home to create an educational plan while in treatment.

See what our teens were up to last year at the Inspirations NSCW Outdoors event!

Inspirations celebrates another year with National School Choice Week
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