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bostonofficeInspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a premiere teen drug rehab center that has garnered a name for itself with its unique approach to the standard one-size-fits-all methods known in addiction treatment. Karen Corcoran-Walsh, co-owner of IYF teen rehab, believes that giving back to the community and others suffering from addiction are great tools that can be used to treat and spread awareness about addiction. This belief is one of the many foundations that set Inspirations apart from other treatment centers.

Inspirations Boston Office

Inspirations has recently opened a new location in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Our new location is a center for outpatient services as well as community outreach, prevention and intervention services. Inspirations for Youth and Families chose the Boston area because of the strong hold drugs has on this city. Our goal is to help restore the community and treat those in need. The disease that is addiction affects a wide range of people including our youth.

Teen drug abuse in Boston

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In the year 2013, 41% of Boston area high school teens admitted to using marijuana during the course of their lifetime so far. During the same study 25% of those admitted to using within the last 30 days. More and more teens are using drugs without full knowledge of the damage of effects it can do to their body.

IYF’s Boston location hopes to help our teens understand what effects drugs can have on their body and what addiction can do to their lives. Through prevention presentations as well as mediation, we hope to educate teens on the truth about drug abuse and how to seek help.

The IYF Boston’s clinical coordinator Ashley Maryyanek has been doing a superb job in getting our newest location out to the public and aiding the community. Stay tuned for our upcoming activities in the Boston area!


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Inspirations Boston office reaches out to the community
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