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Inspirations launches Alumni Program

inspirations alumni program

Inspirations for Youth and Families announces their first member to sign up for their Alumni Program!  This program is to provide support and assistance to our teens who successfully leave our program looking to lead a successful life of sobriety. Recovery is a long journey that requires unconditional support and guidance. Far too many treatment centers do not provide adequate aftercare to help their clients to continue living in sobriety. At Inspirations we consider our teens like family and hope to be a helping hand even when they return home.

Additionally, being a part of analumni program makes it easier to maintain your own sobriety. Teens transitioning home with their newfound skills are now able to ask for help and guidance. Also, teens can learn from their fellow alumni about how to maintain drug or alcohol-free. Equally important, teens are enrolled in our bi-monthly newsletter providing the most up-to-date news and tips in recovery. For the teens who find themselves needing more help. They are able to call our alumni hotline and reach out to a Inspirations rep for help. To commemorate this new program we awarded our first alumni within this program.

Here is what our presenter and Creative Expression Director, Donovan Ortega had to say about the Inspirations Alumni Program.

“Today is our very first alumni award. The alumni award is given to graduates of our treatment program and it goes today to Madison.”

Madison has really made great strides within our drug and alcohol treatment program. She started the program very shy and introverted. While she still carries some of those traits she has opened up greatly to her therapist, fellow clients and most importantly her family.

“She really found herself emotionally, spiritually, and I’ve seen just incredible growth from her. So I can’t wait to give it to her and I think it’s going to mean a lot.”

-Donovan Ortega, presenter of the alumni medal.

Madison and Karen Alumni Program

Madison and the Inspirations clinical director, Karen Daniels.

The alumni medal is to remind our teens of their hard work, perseverance and remind them to take their recovery one day at a time. These medals are a reward for all the strides the teens have made in overcoming their addictions and mental disorders. Inspirations teen rehab recognizes the progress of our teens and provides a line of support for them even after they leave our facility.

To get your very own Alumni Medal you must be an active member of our Inspirations alumni network and have successfully completed our treatment program. Sign up now to receive all the benefits of an Inspirations Alumni!

Inspirations announces first teen drug rehab alumni program member
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