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After creating the alumni program, we never anticipated the positive reception from the teen’s leaving our treatment center. Some join for the medal, others want to stay in touch with their friends they met. And then there are the ones that want to get the newsletter so they can watch future talent shows.

Meet the new members of the Alumni Program!

alumni program julyon

Julyon showing his certificate of completion and alumni medal.

Since the launch of the Inspirations Alumni program, we have had quite a few of our former teens join! Recently, two of our teens have successfully completed our drug and alcohol program and were eager to join the alumni program. This took place during their discharge where they also received their alumni medals. Both Helena and Julyon were very excited to join the alumni program!

“I look forward to the tips and information that the newsletter will share. I’m also glad there’s a way I can get to stay in touch with the friends I’ve made here!”

-Helena, explaining what she looks forward to the most from the alumni program.

alumni program julyon

Julyon and other admiring his alumni medal.

Joining an alumni system makes it easier for our teens to maintain sobriety. For the teens transitioning from treatment back into their everyday life support, it is needed the most. Teens can learn from other alumni just how to cope with their addiction back home. This community provides a level of support that can only be a benefit to teens. In addition, the newsletter is jam-packed with tips, stories, and information. And this information helps our teens on a continual basis learn how to live a sober life.

“The medal is a cool reminder of what I learned and I’m glad I have people I can always turn to.”

-Julyon, on the alumni program.


How to join the Alumni Program

alumni program sign up

Our teen Julyon signing up for the Alumni Program during his discharge.

For the teens that have already graduated from our Inspirations program the best way to join is to fill out our alumni contact form. From the sign-up page enter your designated information and you are in. And ready to receive your Inspirations Medal in the mail. Teens who will be or are currently in treatment receive this option upon their discharge along with their medal.

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