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arts in recovery
Throughout recovery it’s important to incorporate many different forms of therapy especially among teens. Traditional therapy such as trauma, family and psychotherapy are a major part of addiction treatment but at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) we also incorporate other forms of alternative therapy.

Alternative forms of therapy have been proven to encourage teamwork and reinforce skills taught in traditional therapy. These therapies are often the escape teens are seeking to release their emotions and thoughts.

Art Therapy

The purpose of our Art Therapy program at Inspirations Youth is to help our teens express concepts that they may not be able to articulate. The drawing, painting, collages, or sculpting that they partake in helps bridge artistic expression into verbal expression. Art Therapy helps our psychotherapist understand the teen’s perceptions and feelings about what has happened in the past – or what is happening in the present. Looking at the artwork and talking about what was created also helps out teens find a way to communicate what may be hard to say in words.

Music Therapy

We use music as a form of therapy to help teens suffering with drug and alcohol addiction to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner. The skills acquired through music therapy are coping tools our clients can use when they need to express themselves. The use of music therapy in addiction has also proven to improve self confidence and group therapy interactions.

Drama Therapy

Our teens learn theater techniques and forms of expression to properly communicate their feelings. Teens have also shown to be more relaxed, engaged and expressive during our sessions. Drama therapy often allows our clients to become comfortable with themselves after they portray various characters in front of an audience.

Incorporating the arts in recovery has an array of benefits such as:

  • Reliving stress
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Personal fulfillment and empowerment
  • Promotes self discovery

At IYF teen rehab we also incorporate non artistic activities into our therapy. Our teens have experienced recreational therapies such as yoga, pet therapy, horse retreats, and beach outings.

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Incorporating the arts in recovery at Inspirations
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