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In 2011 41,340 deaths in the US were due to drug overdose

Teen drug overdose

An overdose is the overtaking of a substance such as drugs or alcohol.This over consumption causes the body to become unresponsive and causes a lack of oxygen to flow throughout the body. Some symptoms of an overdose include the lips and fingers turning blue.

drug overdose stat

Due to lack of oxygen organs such as the brain and heart to fail resulting death. As the overdose rate increases each year it is important to start sharing the facts and how to get help now before it is too late.

Inspirations for Youth and Families drug rehab strives to help our clients overcome their addiction and other mental issues with our dual diagnosis program. We can stop teen drug addiction and reduce overdose death rates.

Start spreading awareness with our graphic on teen drug abuse stats! See more stats here

Statistics via NIDA for Teens

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