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drug free teen
In our last blog we covered the top four things not do when raising a drug addicted teen and will now cover some tips on how to raise your teen to be a drug free teen. There is no perfect recipe for raising a drug free teen, even parents with the best of intentions can have their teens fall to this destructive disease.

These tips are just meant to be used as a guide  and are not a full proof system guaranteed to leave your teen drug free.

1. Give space

Yes you read that correctly the first tip is to give your teens space! Being overly protective of your child may have its negative effects. Instead establish clear rules that allow you to safely check up on your teen. Be sure to also communicate the consequences of them breaking your rules. It’s important to provide teens some privacy and this method also grooms them for adulthood and being accountable for their actions.

2. Educate them

Often times teens begin abusing drugs due to curiosity. It is important to meet regularly with your teen and discover the dangers of drugs and the effects on their body. Educating your teen is also a great way to bond and get to know them. Discuss your opinions and listen to their thoughts. Remember, this conversation should be more of an in-depth discussion not a lecture.

3. Reward your child for not using drugs

Just as you would commend your child for passing a test or succeeding in their own interests you should have the same stance on their choice to be drug free. Not all rewards come as gifts of monetary value or more. It is important to compliment your teen and take pride in their correct choices.

4. Keep Talking

You’ve talked to your teens about drugs and the dangers that they pose but one conversation will not be enough. Think of this as your political campaign to inform your teen on the dangers of using drugs. However, it is important not to overwhelm your teen with this information. You don’t want to sound like those overly used campaign ads. But it is vital to have this discussion at least two to three times a year.

5. Create a drug free zone

Be clear about your home being a drug free zone. Your teen should not have easy access to prescription drugs or other medication unless necessary. It’s also important to ensure your teen is getting the right image based on your actions. Do not have a drink immediately when you get home. Teens may perceive alcohol as a great way to relax. Also limit the amount of drinks you will have and make sure you don’t exceed the limit. A picture tells a thousand words.

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How to raise a drug free teen
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