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Maintaining sobriety during addiction recovery is a skill that requires dedication to succeed. The road to clean living is taunted by many things and can easily be hindered. Keeping a stable and healthy mental condition will ensure you stay with your goal of being clean.

These tips will help you to stay sober during addiction recovery:

1. Healthy & busy schedule

One of the reasons why treatment is so effective is because during treatment you are kept on a schedule that provides you with productive and healthy forms of activities. Even on your bad days in treatment you still have a schedule to stick to and goal to meet. During addiction recovery it’s important to incorporate the same mentality into your life. Keep a schedule of activities that will occupy not only your time but your mind as well.

2. One day at a time

Take addiction recovery one day at a time, although you may have a set schedule life does not always operate on a schedule. Many times life doesn’t go according to plan but it is important in those times to remember that every day is a new day to start over. Each day you have the opportunity to start fresh and make better choices to improve your life.

3. Avoid boredom

Whether many addicts will admit this or not boredom is another reason why they use. Allowing the mind to wonder often allows destructive thoughts to form which causes addicts to think its okay to use. Even the simplest task can free your mind from such negative thoughts. If you find yourself becoming bored try reading or meditating. Most addicts often establish a hobby that allows them to express themselves and keeps their mind focused. For example, learning to play an instrument is a great way to occupy time. Hobbies that require practice are great ways to beat the tempting thoughts of addiction.

4. Coping skills

Use your coping skills! In addiction treatment your therapists will often work one-on-one helping you develop skills or techniques you can use to help you cope with the temptations of your addiction. These skills serve to help you when the going is becoming tough; they are to help you stay on the path of sobriety.

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