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Drug and alcohol addiction negatively affects virtually every aspect of a teen’s life. Family relationships will suffer, mental health issues may worsen and a child’s academics will drastically decline.

When a teen battles addiction, one of the greatest consequences is the failure in a teen’s academic life. Many parents are concerned about their child’s well-being and academic life but struggle with addressing both at the same time.

Watch Inspirations Educational Director talk about the importance of effective education in rehab

The best way to help your child academically is to address their addiction first.

“It is your child’s emotional well-being that will drive their academic success,” Denise Achee, Inspirations Educational Director, said.

Signs your addicted child’s academics are at risk:

  • Lack of Interest
  • Absenteeism
  • Grade drops

Parents face many concerns when putting their teen into rehab. Often times, parents of addicted teens worry their child will fall behind in school while in treatment. Finding a rehab for your teen focusing on both health and academics is the first step in getting your child back on the right track.

Although many parents often assume that having their addicted teen in school may help them, juggling school and an addiction are what will cause a teen to fall further behind, academically. It may even cause some teens to drop out of school. Nearly one-third of school dropouts indicate that substance use was a big contributor in their decision to leave school, according to a study performed by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health.

Supporting your child’s academics while in treatment

Getting your child assistance with fighting addiction and their academics can prevent them from being expelled or dropping out of school because of drug abuse. At an effective teen treatment center with a good educational program, your teen will feel comfortable while taking classes during treatment. At Inspirations For Youth and Families, our educational staff works one-on-one with teens; ensuring they are receiving the education they need to succeed after treatment. In addition, many teens have also graduated high school while in rehab at Inspirations.

In order to help improve your teen’s academic success, parents must also show their support for their child’s recovery process. As your teen is away at a residential rehab, Inspirations staff encourages teens’ parents and families to visit and assess their child’s progress while in treatment. Having regular check-ins with your teen, whether over the phone or in person, help make sure your child feels loved. Helping your teen get sober ultimately helps your teen lead a more productive life.

Inspirations For Youth and Families offers comprehensive treatment for teens, 13 to 17,  struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Call us at (877) 779-8010 to learn more about how we can help your teen overcome drug addiction. No teen deserves to fight drug addiction alone.

How Rehab can Improve Your Addicted Teen’s Academics
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