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Teen Bullying is real and requires Parental Care

No parent likes the idea of their child being bullied, but sadly it is a common occurrence. Over 3 million students in the US are victims of teen bullying every year.

If you suspect your child is being bullied, here are some tips to help

Talk To Them About Your Own Teen Bullying Experiences

Teen Bullying is not a new phenomenon. Most parents have their own war stories about being bullied as teens. Reach back into the deep recesses of your brain. It is important to let your child know that everyone experiences bullying at some point, including yourself. This will make it easier for them to understand that it isn’t their fault.

Explain The Reasoning Behind Bullying

Tell your child that happy people aren’t mean to others. And it is only people who are sad or angry that partake in such despicable behavior. That doesn’t validate their behavior, but it does help to explain it. And your child must know that he or she isn’t a bad person. Actually, no-one is to blame here. Instead of casting shadows make sure your teen is aware of one important point. That the bully is just a very unhappy person who is lashing out at others.

Talk To Your Child About About Dealing With Unhappy People

Despite the fact that your teen may not admit that he or she is scared of the person(s) bullying them. That is a highly possible scenario. Let them know that this a normal reaction. And coach your teen on how to respond when confronted by a bully. Like: “You don’t have to be mean to me.” This is a non-aggressive way of defending yourself. Now if the bullying continues encourage your child to speak to a teacher. Let’s keep in mind that bullying is a very serious issue. And it has been repeatedly linked to teenage suicide. So it is very important that a professional adult is made aware of the situation in order to immediately rectify the issue.

Teen Bullying In Summary

Teen bullying can be devastating to your child. So you should make it clear that you understand why they feel upset and angry. This will help them to feel understood!

Check out how Inspirations for Youth and Families teen rehab raises bullying awareness.

5 Ways to Help Children Deal with Bullies Compassionately

Teen Bullying infographic

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How to help your Child survive and overcome Teen Bullying
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