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mindful behavior

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a mental state that allows you to focus on the moment at hand while calmly coming up with a decisive action. Being mindful allows you to carefully react to a situation rather than overreacting without direction. During the moments where your teen begins to feel overwhelmed being mindful will help them feel grounded and less likely to react out of control.

Benefits of being mindful behavior

There are many benefits to mindfulness and encouraging this trait in you teen can help them:

  • Gain self-control
  • Improved concentration and mental clarity
  • Develop compassion and kindness
  • Boosts memory
  • Reduces stress and anxiety

How to encourage this behavior in your teens

There are loads of easy ways to encourage your teens to try mindful behavior. Practicing these techniques will help to develop this behavior they can apply to real life situation.
mindful breathing

1.Practice Mindful Breathing

This first exercise is very simple and can have a very great result. Start by breathing in and out. Do this slowly over a period of time until your mind becomes clear and the muscles relaxed.

2.Mindful Concentration

After you have properly gained a rhythm of breath begin to concentrate or focus on the breaths you take. If your in-breathe takes four seconds focus on those four seconds. Keep your thoughts focused on your breathing. If you catch yourself thinking about other things while breathing that is normal. Be sure however not to let those thoughts cloud how you are breathing. Keep a majority of your focus on your breath and the rhythm of your breathing.

3.Awareness of Your Body

This next technique may seem a bit odd but requires you to be aware of your body. Be aware of the breaths going in and out. The awareness of your body technique grounds you to the present. It doesn’t lead you into the past to go over regrets. Nor does it require you to think about the future and what will happen next.

4.Releasing Tension

Whether in a sitting, lying or standing position you can always release your tension.Tension should be released when breathing out. So as you focus your breathing release the tension and stress with every breath out.

Walking Meditation

When used altogether this becomes the walking meditation! This mindful breathing exercise allows you to meditate anywhere. By practicing this mindfulness anywhere and any situation can be easily de-stressed. At this stage, your teen can learn to make clear and concise decision anywhere and under any situation.

How to encourage your teens to try mindful behavior during recovery
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