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Alcohol on table

By Guest Bogger Shalu Sharma – Shalu is a health and fitness blogger, who lives with a motto of writing and sharing knowledgeable blog posts that motivate people to stay fit and healthy. Shalu has a skin-care blog.

This post is dedicated to those who are struggling to put an end to their alcohol abuse and stay sober. It has been well documented how alcohol negatively affects your body and behavior. Surprisingly, many people are unaware that alcohol is in fact a depressant, whose influence can reduce your ability to focus and may change your behavior.

Avoiding liquor may sound impossible at first, but of course it’s not! It’s not an easy proposition, but what is earned with great efforts is valued forever. The first thing you need is to develop a will to avoid alcohol, which may be difficult for a person who abuses alcohol. You can start step by step. There are plenty of occasions where you are most likely to find alcoholic drinks neatly arranged on a table that may seem too inviting to pass on. But if you’re determined, no one in the world can make you take a single sip. Even if your host or friends insist –  you can provide many reason why you don’t want to drink.

Some comebacks to a person who is asking you to drink at a party

  • I have to drive back home
  • My doctor has advised me to refrain from drinking
  • I have an early meeting tomorrow

Or if you want to be perfectly blunt, tell the enabler that you quit drinking alcohol and you are a person in recovery.

The bottom-line is that it’s all your choice to drink or not to consume alcohol. Stick to your decisions and beliefs and remember if you surround yourself with people who drink a lot, you are more likely to drink.

Here are some tips to avoid drinking alcohol at a party

1. Have an alternate go to drink besides alcohol – This can also help you avoid drinking alcohol at a party. Some people drink non-alcoholic beer, but if that is not available, find another beverage to hold in your hands to perhaps put you at ease.  Other options can include: juice, cider, soda, lemonade, tea or coffee – in place of an alcoholic drink – since no party is purely alcoholic.

2. Stay busy – You can help yourself out by keeping yourself busy in conversations with your friends and family. Getting yourself involved helps to keep your mind away from alcohol and the temptation for it. Enjoying a party doesn’t only mean you have to drink massive amounts of alcohol. This will help to keep your mind away from booze.

3. Use a decoy – Another way – and this is definitely the funniest technique – to avoid drinking alcohol at a party is to make it look like you are having an alcoholic drink when you are actually not. This can be done in many ways. You can drink a non-alcoholic cider in a champagne glass to save you from fielding endless drink offers or unnecessary explanations.

What are some of your ideas? We would like to know. Please share them in the comment field below by signing up for our blog and we will post them on our social media channels.

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