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Vero Beach High School, in Indian River County, Florida may be about to join the ranks of high schools who perform random teen drug screening for its athletes.  The Indian River County School District meets tonight to decide whether or not Vero Beach High School will require school athletes to participate in random drug screening as criteria for participating in school athletic activities including playing on school teams.  The School District of Indian River County currently holds a Drug Testing Policy, which if its votes are passed, will allow Vero Beach High School Athletics Department to randomly drug test their athletes.

Random drug screening of high school students is making its way across the country including Florida.  Caddo Mills High School in Caddo Mills Texas is another high school that has enacted random drug testing of their student-athletes.  The mother of one high school girl, who requested to be anonymous,  stated:

“I agree with the school’s policy on random drug screening as a drug prevention measure and as an attempt to protect the integrity of athletic programs.” The anonymous mother added: “This is a blessing for me because it reassures me that my daughter is drug-free.  I think it also helps parents when the school does drug screening because it removes the conflict between parents and children.”

Sebastian River High School, in Sebastian Florida, has been randomly drug screening high school athletes for over 10 years. A local resident shared his thoughts on this issue:

“Random drug testing for high school teenagers, especially athletes protects them from the risk of injury, especially if an athlete is attempting to participate in a sport while under the influence of drugs.”  

“Preventing teen drug abuse is a national concern and an immediate need of national and educational support. It is a drug prevention effort and a way to identify the need for help for teenagers struggling with drug abuse.”

At a time when the NFL and other national sports teams are adhering to drug abuse policies, suspending and imposing fines on sports celebrities, as well as requiring drug addiction treatment, it is imperative that our culture of adolescents and young athletes are witnessing the enforcement of a zero-tolerance drug abuse policies.

High School Athletes and Random Teen Drug Testing
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