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IYF Teen Rehab 

Inspiration for Youth and Families (IYF) distinguishes itself from others as a teen rehab through its unique approach to teen addiction treatment. We offer individualized care that ensures each teen is getting the deserved attention and proper care they deserve. Each client under goes an assessment to properly understand what issues and assistance they need. With our dual diagnosis treatment we treat mental issues that often lead to substance abuse and addiction.

“I’ve been here about six weeks and there has been ups and downs but they’ve helped and have given me many coping skills.” – Nick, a teen at Inspirations for Youth and Families.

Through our academic program we are also able to assist teens in their educational journey. Our classroom setting provides individualized attention and focus. Inspirations’ also provides a small classroom ratio to ensure each teen is getting the one on one attention they deserve. This educational program allows teens to teens to keep up with their grades; our program allows teen’s to earn high school credits.

“I’ve been tutored, I have been back and forth with teachers over email communicating. It’s been going really well.” – says Nick.

Nick is one of the many teens we’ve helped here at Inspirations teen rehab and we are very proud of his progress and hopes he continues the hard work.

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