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Most people look forward to summer vacations and holiday weekends. They get a chance to relax, unwind, and get away from their regular lives. However, some people view a vacation as a chance to take drugs or get drunk without worrying about their responsibilities.

Unfortunately, the pressure and expectation to relax may not put everyone in the best state of mind and may cause more stress than everyday life. This article was written by a woman who describes her vacation experiences. For many years, the author and her group of friends would take copious amounts of drugs while on a trip to a lake house or cabin. However, the “drug vacations” stopped being fun when married friends decided to bring along their children. Instead of not using drugs, the author’s friends would get high or drunk and leave her to take care of their children because they know she’s sober. In the article, the author writes about her fears and concerns when it comes to watching other people’s children. The author finishes the article by stating that she is no longer going on vacation with her friends unless they agree to not bring their kids.

Drug use on vacation can also apply to a long holiday weekend. This article discusses how some people may view the holidays as a frustrating and stressful time. Family outings can start out as a good time for all, however some family members may bring up previous conflicts and disagreements. This may cause someone to drink more than acceptable and get too belligerent. Many young adults who are on the brink of addiction may up their substance use just to be able to deal with the stress of the holidays. This can push them over into full-time addiction

Everyone has their own way of relaxing, however using drugs or drinking too much alcohol is not a healthy form of relaxation. Using drugs and getting drunk “only” during vacations or holidays does not mean that someone isn’t an addict. The constant, repetitive behavior can lead to trouble while on vacation and it can even carry over to someone’s everyday life. No one drug is safe to use, even when the user’s environment has changed.

Getting High During the Holidays
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