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Teen Gambling Addiction Rehab

Inspirations Teen Gambling Treatment

At Inspirations we have a safe, positive environment for teens to share with professionals their gambling addiction. Inspirations’ will then steer them down the path of recovery through psychotherapy.

Inspirations Approach

The psychotherapy approach works around the teen’s life problems and how those problems got them to where they are now. At our teen facility, we believe that different therapies like art, music and recreational therapy can help your teen get their mind off their addiction and also help them become more focused on their recovery. Our comfortable and safe atmosphere provide the perfect setting where a teen gambling addiction can be forgotten and they can get back to being themselves. We are confident that with our superior staff and our strong philosophy, our treatment will guide back in the right direction.

How Teen Gambling Starts

Teen gambling is slowly becoming a popular pastime. Televised poker games starring high profile celebrities can catch the attention of teens that are easily influenced and make them want to gamble as well. Early gambling can start as a social behavior, but can eventually become a compulsive behavior. For teens, a lot of gambling starts with online gambling where no money is involved. This can give teenagers a wrong impression about gambling because they might think that they are good at it, and want to start gambling with money. Even non-gambling video games, which are played by 94 percent of teens from 13 to 17, can lead to a gambling addiction. And gambling doesn’t have to be done online or hooked up to a game console; even teens that follow stats for sports can develop a gambling addiction.

Teen gambling is a fast growing type of addiction among young males; adults are not excluded from this statistic, and a 28 day residential addiction treatment program is often required. It is important to realize that the unhealthy part about gambling is the fact that it changes your life. Whether or not you win money, or you lose money, teen gambling affects your relationships because it is your first priority.

If you’re worried that teen gambling is taking place in your household, but can’t tell whether it’s just social gambling or compulsive gambling, then you might want to look for the following signs.

Signs of teen gambling addictions include:

  • Isolation
  • Loss of time with family and friends
  • Lying in order to conceal their problem or to get money to continue gambling
  • Teens asking to borrow money and not returning it because it was lost, or they want to continue gambling with it
  • Stealing


Teen Gambling Addiction Rehab
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