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Inspirations Teens take sober fun trips to Xtreme Action Park, Seminole Indian Reservation, and Secret Woods Nature Center!

sober fun outing

Inspirations for Youth and Families is known as a treatment center unlike any other. What sets us apart is our teens spend their time here going on sober fun trips.

As an owner of IYF, Karen Corcoran Walsh played a huge role in the coordination of this sober fun outing. She is an advocate for cultural diversity awareness and education. This funnels down to our teen drug rehab programs as well as our recreational therapy. Our teen rehab attended and participated in the 19th Annual American Indian Arts Celebration held at Big Cypress Indian Reservation.

Benefits of Sober Fun Outings

Sure our teen still has to go through daily therapy and school work. But after the hard work, we take them on sober fun outings. These outings are designed to show teens that they can have just as much fun in life without drugs. Many teens have never experienced this new way of life. Sober fun outings teach our teens how to have fun without using drugs

We recently took our teens for some new sober fun activities 

Xtreme Action Park

The Xtreme Action Ropes Course tested our brave teens ability to climb very high structures. And this course tested our teen’s physical and mental abilities. Our teens enjoyed a day of team building and fitness fun. Furthermore, many of our teens described the immense rush of accomplishing improbable feats. So there was no room to be fearful of heights here.

Seminole Indian Reservation

Our next trip took the teens to the Everglades. As they visited The Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. A big part of the trip was visiting the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum. And our teens checked out 30,000 unique artifacts, items and learned interesting information about the local Seminole community.

Finally, the teens went to the Seminole Village.  Here our teens met with Seminole artists who demonstrated their remarkable arts and crafts talents.

Secret Woods Nature Center

Finally, the teens visited the Secret Woods Nature Center. And this is a massive Urban Wilderness Area. With an inland freshwater wetland, a pond, mangrove community, and a laurel oak hammock.

And they also had the chance to see up close and personal the natural habitat featuring snakes and other reptiles. In addition our teens walked through three ecosystems. Most of all our teens learned about our impact on the environment.

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