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The New Year as a former addict or alcoholic often brings its own set of challenges that parents should bear in mind. From being in a tempting atmosphere to repeatedly explain why they are refusing to participate in activities that will leave them under the influence. The New Year and its festivities often provide a lot of pressure to teens who were in recovery.

Here are four tips to ensure your teen does not relapse within the New Year:

1. Attend more meetings

As everyone knows meetings are a crucial part of staying sober and the recovery process. During such a festive but tempting time it is important to have your teen attend more meetings. If they usually frequent two meetings a week try having them attend three or four a week instead. This will provide your teen with added support which helps them to stay focused on their goals and being sober throughout the New Year.

2. Keep a journal

A journal may seem old school but it really does help to keep your eyes on the prize which is sobriety. Journaling also helps to keep your teen strong and motivated throughout the year. Expressing their fears, aspirations and thoughts down makes them seem less threatening and more accessible when on paper. Reading past entries also allows your teens to see their growth and improvements which motivates them to keep on living sober.

3. Find or become a sponsor

A sponsor is a very vital resource for those in recovery. They provide one-on-one guidance and support when in need. Becoming a sponsor can help your teen to forget their own fears and problems as they take the time to listen and understand someone else point of view. Sponsorships are another great way to build positive relationships that will last throughout the year.

4. Do not stay home alone

Staying home alone while in recovery during the New Year is not advisable. Feeling lonely is not a productive way to keep sober instead have your teens attend a gathering or get together with family or friends. If they are not comfortable refusing drinks or being in such a tempting atmosphere have your teen attend a seasonal function usually prepared by groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and etc. These groups tend to arrange sober parties and activities for its members to aide in their sobriety goals and resolutions especially for the New Year.

Four tips to help your teen stay sober for the New Year
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