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drug abuse

The stigma surrounding drug abuse and addiction are the direct cause of wide spread misinformation. This lack of understanding stems from both addicts and those who do not abuse drugs. The lack of knowledge on these subjects make it easy for  generalized instances to become the poster child of how drugs work.

Drugs and abuse have a complication relationship that require understanding to resolve. Harsh stigmatization only furthers the gap between those who abuse drugs and those who don’t. To clear up the stigma we researched four more drug myths that are not true.

4 myths about drug abuse:

Molly is the purest form of MDMA

One of the biggest misconceptions about the drug Molly is that it is the purest form of MDMA. According to University of South Florida researcher Khary Rigg, it is simply a powder of crystal form of MDMA. Meanwhile, Ecstasy is the pill form. Similarly, it is often just as diluted as ecstasy is.

Taking stimulants like Ritalin improves focus

There a growing number of academically stressed students who think taking unprescribed stimulants will help improve their studies. Stimulants do provide wakefulness but does not enhance a student’s ability to learn. What many students fail to understand is that while abusing stimulants allows them to stay awake longer it ends up hindering the learning process.

These drugs were made to help people suffering from attention disorders. For those not under those conditions it leads to delirium or psychosis for some. Instead, of staying awake and learning most are left sleep deprived and unable to focus or retain information.

People often overdose on MDMA, Molly, or Ecstasy

Another common misunderstanding is that people often overdose on these types of drugs. Recently molly has been garnering attention due to the number of people “overdoses” at concerts and festivals. However, many of these wrongly dubbed overdoses are heatstroke, hydration issues or pre-existing conditions.

Many people also believe drinking water will make it safe because Molly dehydrates you. While that is true it also retains water leading to other health issues. Also, using MDMA substances is extremely dangerous for people with conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and seizure disorders.

Methadone is a substitute for heroin or other opiates

Methadone is a maintenance drug for curbing opiate addiction. This is a treatment for opiates not a substitute. Methadone is a long-acting treatment that lasts throughout the day where as opiates usually last three to four hours and creates withdrawal symptoms. Drugs such as methadone are safe and effective ways to detox people with opiate addiction.

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Four Drug Abuse Myths Busted
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