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“I learned that I can have fun being sober instead of having fun using drugs.”

former teen molly addict
Many view molly as a recreational drug and not the truly addictive substance it really is. It has garnered a name for being a “party” drug but what many do not know about this designer drug can hurt them. Ryan was like many teens who abused molly under the impression it was a safe kind of drug. Although he came to Inspirations willingly it was due to his own conclusion after he saw just how much negative effects Molly was having on his life.

“I was constantly taking Molly over the course of three months. I would put it on some paper dip my finger in it and eat it.”

-Ryan, former teen molly addict.

The craze to abuse molly has become a culture of its own as the misinformation about its chemical breakdown continues to spread. Many who use molly believe it is a pure form of the drug MDMA. This idea of a “pure” drug leaves the impression that it is less harmful or dangerous meanwhile its true contents are what pose the real harm.

“I would do molly five days in a row until I physically could not anymore. It is most definitely addicting and all my friends were doing it with me.”


Molly is a designer drug very similar to ecstasy in its chemical make up. Unknown to most of its users is that molly has no real “binding” chemical makeup, this means each batch made is different. When creating this drug a range of amphetamine-type substances are mixed together to create a potentially deadly mix. The idea that molly is some “pure” drug misleads people. It can contain between 6-8 different chemicals that could lead to deadly consequences.

“Inspirations helped me to change.”


Inspirations Paintball Teen Sober Outing.

However, since his admit Ryan has made wonderful strides in his recovery. He thanks Inspirations for opening his eyes to a better life without drugs. In addition to individual, family and group therapy sessions what makes Inspirations stand out is our alternative therapies and sober outings. Within the teen treatment field, it is common to focus on the traditional methods of therapy however, we also believe indulging in alternative therapy helps to reinforce creating a sober lifestyle for our teens.

“I had fun when I was here. It taught me that I don’t need to use drugs anymore. I can have fun being sober instead of having fun using drugs. It showed me the ways I didn’t want to use drugs anymore.” said Ryan.

Our teens also get to experience the outside world while in treatment. The sober fun outings help teens to understand that they can live a fun and fulfilling life sober. With alternate therapy, they learn healthy coping skills they can use instead of drugs to cope or distract them from the struggles in their lives. Inspirations helps teens to see the possibility in their life outside the haze of drug abuse.

“We don’t just sit in a room all day and talk about our feelings. We do that but we actually have fun with it. Together we go out and have fun. We go to the movies, the beach, bowling and other fun normal places. We don’t just sit around and be bored all the time.” says Ryan.

Inspirations takes the treatment of teen drug abuse very seriously. We strive to not just help with addiction and mental disorders. Our goal is to help teens build a sober and healthy life. We are proud of Ryan and his progress and wish the best of luck on his future and recovery!

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Former teen molly addict shares how Inspirations helped him changed
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