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“If I didn’t go to Inspirations, I would honestly be dead right now,” said Monica S., an Inspirations Alumna.

While battling an addiction to prescription pills, Monica, a Canadian native, got caught up with the wrong crowd and began to sell drugs. Nearly 6 years ago, her parents intervened and sent her to Inspirations For Youth. During treatment, the former teen addict began to turn her life around.

Watch Monica Share Her Recovery Story with Inspirations Teens

“I still read my journals and remember everything Inspirations taught me to this day,” the 21-year-old said.

With the help of the Inspirations clinical staff, especially her therapist, Monica was able to fully recover and is now 5 years sober. Since coming to Inspirations, she went on to receive a Bachelor’s in photojournalism and is currently the official photographer for the Ontario government’s PC party. Recently, the Inspirations alumna participated in a live video call with Inspirations teens and staff, in which she discussed her experience at Inspirations and encouraged teens who are currently in rehab to embrace their recovery process.  

Alumna Recommends Opening Up in Recovery

Monica shared that her relationship with her mother significantly improved after leaving Inspirations. Being able to express her feelings in treatment, made it easier for her to rebuild a relationship with her family.

“To this day, my mother is honestly my best friend, and I could never say that before I went to Inspirations,” Monica said.

After being in recovery for several years, Monica admits that staying sober takes a lot of hard work.

“Your cravings don’t stop. Handling your cravings is most important,” she said.

Monica shared that she goes for nature walks and writes a lot of poetry to cope with her cravings.

“Don’t count the days,” Monica said to the teens. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many days you are in rehab. What matters is how many days you stay clean.”

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