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Often, when a teen is abusing drugs, they will resort to anything to get high like stealing money from their mom. This was the case of Alyssa who is well on her way to recovery now.

Inspirations for Youth and Families is known for taking its teen addict clients and returning them to their former self before drug addiction. Many teens enter our facility unaware that they have an addiction that is taking control of their lives. We work with the families to help their teen overcome their substance abuse disorder.

Similar to many of our teen addict clients Alyssa had no idea she was going to a drug rehab.

“I thought I was going on a vacation.”

-Alyssa S. on how she didn’t know she was going to Inspirations

In the same fashion Alyssa was furious with her family for making her attend treatment but quickly realized she did have a problem.

“I was angry. Then probably like the third day I realized it was okay and I needed this.” said Alyssa.

This moment dawned on her when she realized that despite being in treatment she didn’t want to stop abusing drugs.

“I liked it (drugs) and didn’t want to stop. I would smoke weed, drink lean or take xanax.”

-Alyssa, former teen addict.

For those of you that don’t know, lean is an over-the-counter drug in the form of cough medicine that some teens abuse.

Listen to Alyssa’s full story here:

Inspirations teen drug abuse treatment

While under the influence of drugs Alyssa who was once a straight A student on the verge of graduating early started lying, skipping school and stealing from her mother. This drastic change in her daughter prompted her mother to begin the search for addiction help.

Since her admittance Alyssa has made wonderful progress especially through our educational program! She has now completed the credits necessary to graduate and is currently applying for college.

“My mom sent me here because I was stealing money from her for drugs. I was kicked out of school and I regret it.”


For now her goals for returning home are simple. She wants to get her eyebrows waxed and eat out with her family. Inspirations for Youth and Families commends Alyssa for all the hard work she has put forth in her recovery. We also hope she continues to have the same resolve and outlook when tackling everything in her life.

Former teen addict shares how drugs lead her to steal from mom
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