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“There’s more to life than just drugs and alcohol,” Olivia, an Inspirations Alumna, said.

Due to problems at home, Olivia began drinking and using Xanax to cope with uneasy feelings. After an almost fatal overdose last year, Olivia’s father brought her to Inspirations For Youth and Families.

Nine months have passed since the former teen addict proudly completed treatment at Inspirations but Olivia was eager to return and encourage other teens to stay sober and get the most out of their time in treatment.

Watch Inspirations Alumna Olivia Share Why Being Sober is Important to her Now

The teen, who graduated from Inspirations in July  2017, said she held on to the coping skills and life-altering information that she learned about herself while in rehab.

“If I’m not sober, then I’m not me,” she said.

During her visit at Inspirations, Olivia expressed that it took her a long time to realize the importance of sobriety. But with the help of Inspirations clinical and educational staff, Olivia was able to graduate from high school and learn helpful coping skills while in rehab.

“Talking to the therapists here really helped me express myself,” the teen said. “They helped me understand what I was feeling and why I was feeling that way.”

Olivia shared that the most valuable lesson she learned while at Inspirations was accountability.

“You have to want sobriety for yourself first,” she said.

Former teen addict gets sober and rebuilds family relationships

Since recovering from drug addiction, Olivia was also able to mend broken relationships with her family. While speaking at Inspirations, three of Olivia’s grandparents and her uncle proudly listened as she shared her recovery story.

After her parents had separated, she expressed she didn’t know how to properly deal with her problems at home. But now that she is in recovery, the teen said she noticed a change.

“Relationships can be restored if you just put the effort in,” she said.

Olivia expressed that she would recommend Inspirations to other teens because of the support she received from Inspirations staff.

“The staff here really cares about you and want you to do well in life,” Olivia said.

At Inspirations For Youth and Families, we are dedicated to helping our teens live their best sober life while in rehab and into adulthood.

Former Teen Addict Returns To Rehab To Encourage Other Teens
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