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“I’m so happy I can be a success story coming out of Inspirations,” said Jimmy P., an Inspirations teen alumnus.

While battling an addiction to marijuana, Jimmy got caught up with the wrong crowd and began to sell drugs. Five years ago, his parents intervened and brought him to Inspirations For Youth and Families.

Watch Jimmy share his recovery story with Inspirations teens

“I had a lot of people there who helped me realize what I was doing was wrong… and I don’t need a substance to feel good in life,” the teen said.

During his time in treatment, Jimmy was expecting a child. He said he was grateful that his therapist, Safraz Khan, and Inspirations educational director, Denise Achee and others, were able to help him overcome his addiction and prepare for parenthood.

former teen addict

Jimmy, Inspirations Educational Director Denise Achee, and a fellow IYF alumna smile for a picture at the Take 5 Anti-Texting and Driving Contest.

Since coming to Inspirations, Jimmy married the mother of his child and joined the military. Currently deployed in Kuwait, Jimmy takes pride in being able to provide for his family.

Recently, Jimmy, 19, participated in a live video call with Inspirations teens and staff, in which he discussed recovery and encouraged teens to stay sober after leaving rehab.

Former teen addict urges teens to trust their recovery process and stay sober

“Doing drugs and making bad decisions don’t just affect you but affect your whole family,” Jimmy said to the teens.

He told teens how addiction negatively impacted his life and how he lost scholarship opportunities to play Lacrosse in college.

“I wasn’t able to play the sports I loved and attend college because of my drug addiction,” the teen said.

Although he attended other recovery programs, Jimmy said he didn’t fully combat his addiction until he came to Inspirations.

“I could not give my daughter and wife the lives they have right now, continuing to do the stupid things I was doing,” the former teen addict said. “I have nothing but love for the Inspirations family and what you guys do really matters.”

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