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former iyf teen rehab client
Jon is a former IYF teen rehab client who recently has reached out to us with the proposition of giving back. His goal was to hopefully inspire our teens of today to continue steering the sober course even when there are times in life that gets hard or unbearable.

We accepted Jon’s offer to speak to our teens because we believed his story would be easier for our teens to relate with. Jon entered Inspirations during the year 2011 and even though he relapsed after leaving here he still remembers the message of always being able to seek treatment and help from his stay at Inspirations.

Jon’s Message

Although Jon is an unconventional speaker his message to our teens of both genders was a very clear and simple. His presentation touched on many subjects allowing the teens to fully understand the consequences of what can happen if they choose to abuse drugs. Some of his messages were:

“Don’t think you are less than anyone because you were using drugs, you are just as smart as any other person who never did drugs and you can comeback from this.”

“You’re young and made a mistake, now when you go home you can move on with your life and this will be a lesson you learned.”

“Do what you’re supposed to do your parents, the techs and all the adults who are telling you what to do because they know what’s best, you should listen.”

“If you continue to abuse drugs it can only get worse, and it will get even harder.”

Jon even took the opportunity to speak up about marijuana how it can become an addiction or lead to other types of drug use. He informed our teens that even though you may have heard of people who have done pot for years and whatever the case every person and every batch of drug is different. Jon also informed our teens that despite what they think it does have an effect on your body. Whether you think it makes you more “awake” or “mellows” you out, it has an effect on you and why would you want to hinder yourself, you are already functioning fine.

Final Message

After Jon’s incredible story about his recovery journey he informed our teens that they are at an age where the changes they are making now are vital in making the future they want and abusing drugs will only take you farther and farther away from those dreams. He then informed our teens since getting sober he now has a stable job he likes, an awesome wife and beautiful baby girl. Jon also shared that he was able to mend his family relationship and they are now very close.

We want to thank Jon for coming and giving back to our teens. Inspirations for Youth and Families and our teens really appreciate the time he took out to speak and help them to see there is life beyond drug use.

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