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Former Inspirations teen Sinclaire shares how she’s changed!

sinclair former inspirations teen

My name is Sinclaire. I went to Inspirations back in 2011! Rose was my therapist, and I really will say that her, and Inspirations, changed my life. It was NOT easy nor was it an easy choice to finally go but I am glad I did and have benefited from it tremendously! I have accomplished so many things over the years being clean from drugs, that even I never imagined.

Inspirations taught me so much from accountability to teamwork and learning to lean on others when I need a helping hand, among many other things. – Sinclaire

I just wanted to reach out as I really think what Inspirations is doing is great and I am so glad to see your posts on my Facebook feed! Hopefully adolescents in need will be exposed to the information and make the hardest decision of their lives!

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Former Inspirations teen shares how we helped her recover
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