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teen anger management
Teen anger management is a serious issue that is often taken too lightly and not seen as the cry for help that is really is. One in five Americans has anger management issues according to the University of California. Many teens exhibit overly aggressive behavior and desperately need help. However, friends and family only acknowledge this behavior as a stage they will eventually outgrow.

Anger is not something you can get rid or avoid but the goal of anger management is to control how you react to them.

What is anger management?

Anger management is reducing both your emotional feelings and physiological excitement that anger creates. Anger is not something you can get rid or avoid but the goal of anger management is to control how you react to them. If left unmanaged domestic abuse and fits of violence are some of the examples of what can happen.

Five tips that help teen anger management:

teen anger management
1.Express how you feel clearly

When in a state of anger people tend to act on conclusions that they draw which are often incorrect. When you feel yourself getting angry or in a heated discussion slow down and think through your thoughts. Give yourself time to listen and understand what the other person is saying to you. In the same breath, make sure to think through your response and make sure you are communicating your thoughts clearly.

2.Recognize your triggers or signs to stop it from escalating

Look for patterns and similarities when you get angry and out of control. Don’t ignore your feelings, properly access them or they can become unresolved stress later on. Recognizing what triggers you can help you to properly manage and control your anger. Once you have identified your triggers come up with a plan of action on how to resolve them before they become fuel for your anger.

teen angermanagement calm3.Take time to calm down

For anyone undergoing anger management keeping calm is the golden rule that rings very true. Thankfully, there are several ways you can keep your cool. The most popular and effective methods include breathing exercises or giving yourself a time out.

4.Find healthy outlets for your anger

You can’t always eliminate anger but you can find better ways to control your aggression. Many turn to physical exercise as an outlet for anger which is a great and healthy alternative. However, another positive outlet is¬†writing.

5.Make amends

One of the most important steps in anger management is to acknowledging your abusive anger. Taking responsibility for your actions and not just saying you are sorry. Another way to make amends is to begin finding the tools necessary for you to change. Don’t just promise to change make the actual steps necessary to do so. Sign up to see a counselor, create a list of coping skills or take the time to recognize your triggers.

Helping your teen manage their anger

Managing anger takes a bit of practice and requires a lot of patience. It may take a few trial and errors until you’ve found a system that works for your teen. This list can help your teen to effectively manage their anger. Share our 5 tips to aid teen anger management.

Five tips to know for teen anger management
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