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For a parent seeking residential care for their teen’s drug and alcohol addiction Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) is a great candidate to consider. As a teen residential recovery center Inspirations has a lot to offer not only for your teens but for your family as well.

1. We treat a variety of teen related addictions through individualized treatment

When considering a residential or any type of addiction treatment it is essential to find one that treats multiple substances, behavioral issues and other mental illnesses. Inspirations takes pride in its very unique teen treatment options. While most teen drug rehabs focus only on traditional treatment we opt to create a individualized treatment plan that ends addiction at its root.

With dual diagnosis treatment IYF teen rehab is able to address the other issues that substance abuse may stem from. Most teenage addictions are the result of teens seeking an escape from other lingering problems for which we provide treatment and coping skills.

2. IYF teen rehab offers a very diverse form of therapies and drug prevention

We teach our teens how to avoid the varying types of drugs and even provide coping skills to help them when they experience the triggers to use.

Along with our prevention courses we also offer our teens different forms of therapy. IYF teen rehab has many types of therapies such as music, art, drama and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to name a few. These many forms of therapy stand to give our teens an outlet to reflect their deepest emotions. Partaking in these differing therapies opens up our teens to new activities or hobbies they can excel and draw from.

3. At Inspirations we engage teens in sober fun!

Another unique feature to Inspirations is our sober fun activities. These outings or activities are designed to encourage and show our teens that they can have fun without being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Unlike other rehabs our teens are not just confined to our facility. We allow our teens to attend these activities and events under the supervision of our technicians.

4. Not only are we a rehab we offer schooling to our teens

While accepting treatment most teens miss a vital time in their education. When away it may become harder for teens who are already struggling to get back on track with their studies. Inspirations offer an educational program to work with teens and their schools to ensure they either catch up to their classmates or get ahead with their education. In some cases our program facilitates teens to graduate from high school while at Inspirations.

5. Inspirations involves the family in treatment

Family therapy may seem like an all common part of treatment but often times it is not. For teens family is a crucial part of their development and to ensure that relapsing does not occur we strongly enforce family sessions for each teen. These sessions are designed to strengthen their family and build a stronger relationship between their family and their teen.

Five reasons why you should choose Inspirations for your teen
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