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Virgin Islands Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are a parent residing in the Virgin Islands and you have found our website, you are probably reaching the heartbreak stage of your teen’s behaviors and exhausted by the impact of your teen’s choices and the affect it is having on you and your family. Fear for your teen’s safety and future, are common daily feelings experienced by parents. We at Inspirations Teen Rehab understand your situation as we have helped many families in the US, Canada and the Virgin Islands. We are Karen Corcoran-Walsh and Christopher Walsh, the owners of Inspirations for Youth and Families aka Inspirations Teen Rehab. We are also the parents of three children, two of whom just passed through their teenage years. We are also professionals in the mental health field.

This page is written to provide parents with a sense of relief in knowing there is help for you and your teen. It is written to remind you, the parent, that your teen has reached a point in life where choices are made that you may not always indorse or control. Teen drug and alcohol abuse and behavioral problems are international. Teens have a life outside of the family unit that often prevents a parent from their previous ability to protect their child, direct their child’s daily activities, and manage their child’s choice of friends. It is a profound time for parents and teens. However, you are still the parent, legal guardian and legal representative of your teenager, holding the ability to make the ultimate authoritative decisions regarding the direction of your teenager’s immediate future. This page is written to empower you to make the decisions that you see fit to best protect and guide your teenager through this journey of teenage years, entering young adulthood. Behavior and drug use or drug abuse rather in US, Canada, or the Virgin Islands can lead to explosive and life changing experiences for a teen and family.

Choosing an appropriate residential facility, drug and alchol rehab in the Virgin Islands is a difficult task. Keep in mind that by choosing Inspirations Teen Rehab you are choosing a nurturing, educating, and therapeutic residential program for your teen. We are not a locked-down psychiatric facility. We are not a juvenile offender program with boot-camp mentality. Inspirations Teen Rehab holds the belief that the teens attending Inspirations Teen Rehab are good teens, making poor choices at this time in their life. Teen drug use and teen drug abuse are an unfortunate issue for today’s teens, often a result of inappropriate coping skills, lack of accountability, and attempts to self-medicate. Inspirations will work with you and your teen to develop teenage coping and decision making skills, a program of accountability, and a daily life without the use of substances and impairment. Teens will re-learn the art and joy of living, being a part of a family and experiencing this limited time in adolescence. Call us with any questions.

Teen Rehab Young Adult and Adult Addiction Treatment Center

A Few Highlights of our Teen Academy Facility:

Our small (32 bed), structured setting provides an effective and proven program designed to provide life long positive results for troubled teens.

  • Program allows for continuous, individual attention to each student
  • Small groups allow for continuous, individual attention to each teenager
  • Intensive therapy provided by in-house, licensed therapists who meet on a weekly basis with key care takers and parents
  • Our therapists work closely with parents/guardians, to prepare for student’s return, as he enters the Non-punitive PPC (Positive Peer Culture) environment to produce long term, positive change
  • Our teenagers obtain accredited high school credits
  • Our teenagers are highly involved in extracurricular activities • After-care program established for each teenager to assist with transition to “home life”
Virgin Islands Drug and Alcohol Rehab
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