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“I used to get angry at the smallest things… but since I’ve been here, I’ve learned to appreciate things a little bit more. I would rather be happy than angry all the time,” Ryan, an Inspirations Alumnus, said.

As a result of many arguments at home and abusing marijuana Ryan was taken to a local rehab. But soon after, his parents decided that Inspirations For Youth and Families was a better choice.

While at Inspirations, he got to learn from our amazing staff and build friendships with teens who reminded the teen of himself, making the process easier and even enjoyable.

“Inspirations showed me real love, real care. They showed me how to turn around my life,” Ryan said.

Watch Former Teen Addict Share How He Lives a Happier Life After Rehab

After 98 days of treatment,  Ryan has transformed into a positive young man who knows how to cope with anger. Also, he developed goals that he once thought were unattainable.

But by cleaning his record and doing well at Inspirations, the teen is looking forward to joining a prestigious teen program to train for the army. 

“I feel like being a better person, and I want people to remember me as the person who was kind, caring, and thoughtful. I don’t want to be remembered as the kid who was always angry,” Ryan said.

Former Teen Addict Resolves Issues in Family Therapy Sessions

Family Therapy Sessions played a huge part in Ryan’s success story. Here at Inspirations, our weekly Family Therapy Sessions take place in person or via conference call.

Ryan said family therapy sessions allowed him to let go of the anger that he had towards his family. 

“The first family session was difficult because I had to face my fears head-on. But, in the end, there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore,” Ryan said.

After overcoming his anger, Ryan has developed a desire to live a more positive life. Today, he has a better relationship with his parents and amazing opportunities to look forward to in the near future.

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