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Teen learns about nutrition and creates “Jazz it Up Juice” for others to try.

Drug rehabs and recovery 

The journey to teen sobriety is often a long and weary one and for most adolescents whether voluntary or through court ordered rehab they are often in and out of many teen treatment centers. For Krischan, a client at Inspirations for Youth and Families (IYF) it was his third time at a rehab and first time at Inspirations for Youth. We find many of our teens in recovery have been to other drug rehabs before they come to IYF and get better.

See Krischan and others in our Teen Activities Photo Gallery.

What is an Assembly Line Drug Rehab?

Within this industry there are many rehab centers that fall under the category of an “Assembly Line Drug Rehab.” An assembly line drug rehab is a teen treatment center that admits as many clients as possible without sufficient resources to treat the teens. The teens are left feeling like they are just a number and often go through multiple treatment programs without the individualized attention or therapy required for a successful recovery.

One of our youths describes his experience at other drug and alcohol rehab centers and why he liked his stay at IYF more.

“This program actually helped me more than the other ones because they actually try to help you here more than the other ones. The other rehabs have like 200 kids and they have to go through all those kids but here they take you and care about you.”

Here is more on Krischan’s road to recovery and how he spent his time at Inspirations.

Please listen to his podcast interview:

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